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Guide to the Papers of Charles Goode Gomillion

Tuskegee University Archives

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Guide to the Papers of Charles Goode Gomillion

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Preferred Citation: Guide to the Papers of Charles Goode Gomillion, Tuskegee University.

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The collection consists of documents generated or received by Charles Goode Gomillion while working as a professor at Tuskegee Institute and serving with the Tuskegee Civic Association. The bulk of the records date between 1945 and 1995; with some dated as early as 1928. They include correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles, pamphlets and other miscellaneous documents. The records are potentially valuable to those interested in researching a history of sociological thought regarding the lives of rural Southern African Americans, the history of Tuskegee Civic Association, gerrymandering, or the Civil Rights Movement..

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Acquisition Information: Tuskegee Archives, Bioethics Building, Tuskegee, Alabama

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Charles Goode Gomillion, PhD. (1900-1995), a native of Johnston (Edgefield County), South Carolina, worked at Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, from 1928-1971, as professor of Sociology, Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences, Dean of Students and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. A graduate of Howard University, Ohio State University, Tuskegee Institute and Paine College, Gomillion's sociological theories and advice on race relations firmly established him as a world renowned researcher, writer and civil rights advocate. His popularity among his peers and students is reflected in the numerous organizations he was active in, such as: the NAACP, the Alabama Council, the Southern Regional Council and the Southern Council Educational Fund, and in his numerous honors: the first Charles S. Johnson Race Relations Award, the Lyndon B. Johnson Political Freedom Award, the Sociological Practice Association Distinguished Career Award and the national Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Man of the Year Award.Although he was well thought of in a variety of areas, it is his indomitable spirit in pushing for voting rights reform in Tuskegee, Macon County, Alabama from 1957 to 1960 that caused him to have national notoriety. Gomillion sought through legal means to disallow gerrymandering as a mechanism for altering boundaries in order to minimize voting strength, thus, disfranchising African Americans. His case, "Gomillion vs. Lightfoot," centered on the city of Tuskegee, Alabama, where local government officials systematically stripped African-Americans of voting power. Although losing twice in lower courts, he nonetheless went to the Supreme Court in 1960 and received a favorable ruling, paving the way for the Voting Rights Act of 1965.



Inventory Note to Researchers: To request materials, please note both the location and box numbers shown below.

Series 1: Personal Papers and Correspondence, 1949-95

Components in Detail

[Autobiography] Charles Goode Gomillion box 1 folder folder 1

[Correspondence:] 1949 box 1 folder folder 2

Letters to/from F.D. Patterson and L.H. Foster box 1 folder folder 3

[Correspondence:] 1967-1970 box 1 folder folder 4

[Correspondence:] 1969-1071 box 1 folder folder 5

[Correspondence:] 1972-1974 box 1 folder folder 6

[Correspondence:] 1975-1976 box 1 folder folder 7

[Correspondence:] 1975-1980 box 2 folder folder 1

[Correspondence:] 1980 box 2 folder folder 2

[Correspondence:] 1981-1982 box 2 folder folder 3

[Correspondence: 1952-1958] box 3 folder folder 1

Letters: 1960-1969 box 3 folder folder 2

Letters: 1970-1971 box 3 folder folder 3

Letters: 1972-1974 box 3 folder folder 4

[Correspondence:] 1974 box 3 folder folder 5

Letters: 1975-1976 box 3 folder folder 6

Letters: 1977 box 3 folder folder 7

Letters: 1978-1979 box 3 folder folder 8

Letters: 1980 box 3 folder folder 9

Letters: 1981 box 3 folder folder 10

Letters: 1983 box 3 folder folder 11

Letters: 1984 box 3 folder folder 12

Greeting Cards box 3 folder folder 13

[Correspondence:] Democratic National Committee box 3 folder folder 14

Letters to be Answered box 3 folder folder 15

[Certificates and Awards] box 4 folder folder 1

[Correspondence:] Tuskegee Mental Hygiene Society box 4 folder folder 2

[Articles about G.C. Gomillion] box 4 folder folder 3

[Correspondence:] Graduate Studies box 4 folder folder 4

[Correspondence: N.A.A.C.P.] box 4 folder folder 5

[Correspondence:] Tuskegee Civic Association box 4 folder folder 6

Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree box 4 folder folder 7

[Dissertation] box 4 folder folder 8

[Correspondence:] Yelder, William J. box 4 folder folder 9

[Articles and Correspondence:] Ohio State University box 4 folder folder 10

[Articles] Gomillion and Communism box 4 folder folder 11

[Poem and Clipping] Misc. box 4 folder folder 12

[Correspondence:] J. P. Gruzman box 5 folder folder 1

[Correspondence:] H box 5 folder folder 2

[Correspondence:] Lillian Harvey box 5 folder folder 3

[Correspondence:] Raymond F. Harvey box 5 folder folder 4

[Correspondence:] W.B. Hill box 5 folder folder 5

[Correspondence:] A.L. Holsey box 5 folder folder 6

[Correspondence:] Institute Council box 5 folder folder 7

[Correspondence:] J box 5 folder folder 8

[Correspondence:] T.W. Jones box 5 folder folder 9

[Correspondence:] K box 5 folder folder 10

[Correspondence:] L box 6 folder folder 1

[Correspondence:] Labor Finance Committee box 6 folder folder 2

[Correspondence:] Carlton L. Lee box 6 folder folder 3

[Correspondence:] J.R. Otis box 6 folder folder 4

[Plaque: The Historical and Cultural Arts of Peoples Congregation Church UCC, Washington, D.C., February, 1985] box 7 folder folder 1

[Plaque: South Carolina Black Hall of Fame, Committee of 100 Black Men, June 6, 1992] box 7 folder folder 2

[Plaque: Certificate of Life Membership in the N.A.A.C.P., July, 1958] box 7 folder folder 3

[Plaque: Detroit Tuskegee and Paine Alumni Clubs, 1958] box 8 folder folder 1

[Plaque: The Florida Club] box 8 folder folder 2

[Plaque: Distinguished Service Award, NACWC, Inc., July 28, 1966] box 8 folder folder 3

[Plaque: Distinguished Service Award, Christian Episcopal Church, May, 7, 1982] box 8 folder folder 4

Series II: Personal Research, Special Reports, Studies, and Publications by Gomillion

Components in Detail

Tuskegee Soc. Progress In, C.G. Gomillion box 9 folder folder 1

[Civic Democracy in the South] box 9 folder folder 2

[Toward Civic Democracy in Tuskegee and Macon County, Alabama, During 1964] box 9 folder folder 3

[The Role of Southern White Women in Civic Democracy in the South] box 9 folder folder 4

[Citizenship on the Southern Scene] box 9 folder folder 5

[The Influence of the Negro on Culture of the South] box 9 folder folder 6

[Negro Education] box 9 folder folder 7

[Toward Civic Democracy: Landmarks along the Way] box 9 folder folder 8

[Suggestions to White Americans Who Want to Improve Race Relations] box 9 folder folder 9

[The Civic Responsibility and Role of Negro Christian Laymen in the Social Reconstruction of the South] box 9 folder folder 10

[The Status and Problems of the Negro in the United States] box 9 folder folder 11

[Equality of Opportunity: Essence of Civic Democracy] box 9 folder folder 12

[Citizenship: A Challenge to Scholarship or the Challenging Role of Negro Youth in the Changing South] box 9 folder folder 13

[The Role of Sociologist in Community Action in the Rural South] box 9 folder folder 14

Democracy, Mrs. Lehman's Ten Commandments of box 9 folder folder 15

Questions Basic to Intelligent Civic Action box 9 folder folder 16

Civic Pride, Everyone's Responsibility box 9 folder folder 17

Signif. Factors in Contemp. Soc. Change Affecting Negroes in the South box 9 folder folder 18

[The Complexity of the Critical Civic Problems Affecting Negro Americans, Especially Those in the South] box 10 folder folder 1

[Negroes Holding Public (Governmental) Offices in Tuskegee and Macon County, Alabama] box 10 folder folder 2

[Panel Commentary] box 10 folder folder 3

[Factors Contributing to the Development of Culturally Disadvantaged Children] box 10 folder folder 4

[First Class Citizenship: The Tuskegee Crusade for Civic Democracy] box 10 folder folder 5

[The Proclamations of Our Uncertain "New South"] box 10 folder folder 6

[New Frontiers in Social Work Ministries: In the Government Act of 1964] box 10 folder folder 7

[Selected Aspects of Public Education in Alabama, and in Macon County 1951- 1952] box 10 folder folder 8

[Opportunities for the Social Scientist in Current Social Change in the South] box 10 folder folder 9

[Miscellaneous Notes] box 10 folder folder 10

[Reply to "A White Citizens Council Member"] box 10 folder folder 11

[To What Extent Should Students Be Indoctrinated in the Values of a Democratic Society] box 10 folder folder 12

[Higher Education as an Instrument of National Policy, Group #5] box 10 folder folder 13

Responsible Citizenship box 11 folder folder 1

[Hoe (w) the Negro Man and Woman Have Strengthened and Weakened the Negro Family] box 11 folder folder 2

Civic Democracy [Notes] box 11 folder folder 3

Tables Excerpted From a Report in Preparation box 11 folder folder 4

Annual Address as National President of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society box 11 folder folder 5

Where Do We Go From Here? box 11 folder folder 6

The Tuskegee Institute Student Movement (A Sociological Analysis) box 11 folder folder 7

The Present Status of Educational Opportunities for Negroes in Alabama in 1941 box 11 folder folder 8

Our Educational Objectives box 11 folder folder 9

[The Role of the NAACP in the Contemporary Sou. Community] box 11 folder folder 10

Soc. Responsib. And Self-Develop. box 11 folder folder 11

[Report of the Tuskegee Delegation to National Emergency Civil Rights Mobilization] box 11 folder folder 12

We Are Responses. Citizens box 11 folder folder 13

Socially Disadvantaged Children and Their Socio-Cultural World box 11 folder folder 14

Toward Civic Democracy in Macon County, Ala or Socio-Cultural Change in a Deep South Community box 11 folder folder 15

The Civic Responsibility and Roles of Christian Negroes in the Changing South box 11 folder folder 16

The Negro and His Role in the 20th Century box 11 folder folder 17

Program: Mobile Council on Human Relations "Political Effectiveness" box 11 folder folder 18

1968 Democ. Nat. Convention and the Role of the AJDP box 11 folder folder 19

Youth Power in the Community box 11 folder folder 20

The Contemporary Political Status of Negroes in Alabama box 11 folder folder 21

Role of Teacher as Teacher box 11 folder folder 22

Racial Togetherness Not Separatism: The Goal of American Democracy box 11 folder folder 23

Ten Steps Toward Civic Democracy First Class Citizenship box 11 folder folder 24

Experience: The Grief Process box 11 folder folder 25

[Democracy in Housing: The Sine Qua Non of Civic Democracy] box 11 folder folder 26

Education and Desegregation box 11 folder folder 27

["Inter-Cultural Understanding"] box 11 folder folder 28

Series III: Printed Material, Reports, Studies, and Publications by Others

Components in Detail

[Highlander Folk School, Horton, Justus and Clark vs. State of Tennessee] box 12 folder folder 1

[Pamphlet: The Negro and the Domestic Problem by Oswald Garrison Villard] box 12 folder folder 2

[Pamphlet: Negro Self-Help by Hammond Lamont] box 12 folder folder 3

[Quarterly: Freedomways, Volume 13, No. 1] box 12 folder folder 4

[Pamphlet: Tom Says: Agriculturist by E.C. Thomas] box 12 folder folder 5

[Pamphlet: The Dilemma in Race Relations by Harry S. Ashmore] box 12 folder folder 6

[Brochure: Ivy Green: Famous Birthplace of Helen Keller] box 12 folder folder 6

[Brochure: Ivy Green: Famous Birthplace of Helen Keller] box 12 folder folder 7

[Pamphlet: Segregation by C.W. Howell] box 12 folder folder 8

[Pamphlet: The Negro in America: How We Treat Them and How We Should] box 12 folder folder 9

[Pamphlet: Race Discrimination and the Law by Carey McWilliams] box 12 folder folder 10

[Pamphlet: There Are Things To Do by Lillian E. Smith] box 12 folder folder 11

[Journal: Prophetic Religion, Fall 1947] box 12 folder folder 12

[Pamphlet: Contemporary Poetry of the Negro by Robert T. Kerlin] box 12 folder folder 13

[Article: "In the South These Children Prophesy" by Robert Coles, M.D.] box 12 folder folder 14

[Article: "What is Wrong With Negro Colleges" by J. Raymond Hodgkinson] box 12 folder folder 15

[Article: "The Future of Negro Colleges" by Richard Robbins] box 12 folder folder 16

[Article: "I Am Glad That I Am White But" Reprint of a Sermon] box 12 folder folder 17

[Article: "The South is Playing With Fire" by Aubrey Williams] box 12 folder folder 18

[Reprint: Southerners and Schools, The New Republic] box 12 folder folder 19

[Article: "Speaking Out: The Voice of Dissent"] box 12 folder folder 20

[Report: "Citizen Participation in Revenue Sharing: A Report From the South"] box 12 folder folder 21

[Map: City of Tuskegee, Alabama, July, 1970] box 12 folder folder 22

[Map: Macon County, Alabama, 1967] box 12 folder folder 23

[Article: "The Social Anatomy of an Agricultural Community" by C. J. Galpin] box 12 folder folder 24

[Pamphlet: Black Studies: Myths and Realities by various authors] box 13 folder folder 1

[Pamphlet: The Critical Difference by E. Clayton Calhoun] box 13 folder folder 2

[Article: "In Defense of Black Power" by David Danzig] box 13 folder folder 3

[Article: "The Legal Status Problems and Behavoir of Negroes in Macon County, Alabama"] box 13 folder folder 4

[Pamphlet: James T. Rapier: Negro Congressman From Alabama by Eugene Feldman] box 13 folder folder 5

[Journal: The Quarterly Journal, July 1943] box 13 folder folder 6

[Land Development Plan, Part 1, Tuskegee, Alabama] box 13 folder folder 7

[Journal: The Freeman, Ideas on Liberty, January 1966] box 13 folder folder 8

[Journal: The Journal of Educational Sociology: Special Issue, Racial Integration, Some Principles and Procedures, October 1954] box 13 folder folder 9

[Sample, General Election Ballot, November 5, 1968] box 13 folder folder 10

[Pamphlet: Race Relations: Cultural Aids to Constructive Race Relations by Scudder Mekeel] box 13 folder folder 11

[Journal: "Public Affairs, America's Promise-The Integration of Minorities" 10:4, May, 1946"] box 13 folder folder 12

[Pamphlet: Primer in Intergroup Relations by Sterling W. Brown, Ph.D.] box 13 folder folder 13

[Pamphlet: The Road to Justice: Three Major Statements on Civil Rights by President Lyndon B. Johnson] box 13 folder folder 14

[Pamphlet: Digest of Myrdal's "An American Dilemma" by Samuel S. Wyer] box 13 folder folder 15

[Article: "Neckbones: A Short Report on a Segmant of Our Migrant People in FLorida" by Royce W. Owens (Inlcudes letters from the author to Gomillion)] box 13 folder folder 16

[Pamphlett: Facts and Figures: Macon County Public Schools, 1966-1967 by Joe C. Wilson] box 13 folder folder 17

[Pamphlet: The New Agenda for the White Southerner in His New South, Highlander Folk School Occasional Papers, August, 1960] box 13 folder folder 18

[Article: "Inter-and Intra-Racial Homicides and the Administration of Justice: Notes on the Comparative Usefulness to the INvestigator of the Utilitarian-Positivistic and Voluntaristic Frames of Reference in Interpreting Certain Crime Statitistics" by Harold Garfinkel] box 14 folder folder 1

[Poetry: "Children Learn What They Live" by Anonymous] box 14 folder folder 2

[song: "Hymn to the Brotherhood" by Edwin L. Clarke] box 14 folder folder 3

[Pamphlet: Race and Caste: A Distinction by Oliver C. Cox] box 14 folder folder 4

[Journal: The Crisis, Vol. 76, No. 6, June-July, 1969] box 14 folder folder 5

[Pamphlet: "Adult Education Projects Sponsored by Negro College Fraternities and Soroties" by Deborah C. Partridge] box 14 folder folder 6

[Article: "Occupational Choices of Male Students in Tuskegee Institute" by T. Rupert Broady] box 14 folder folder 7

[Essay: "Lags in the Rural Newspaper" by Virgie Rae McCoy] box 14 folder folder 7

Ressie Nesbitt, Elizabeth Ross [Essay: Economic Status, Problems and Behavior of Negroes in Macon County, Alabama in the Mid-20th Century] box 14 folder folder 9

[Essay: "Our Right to Know" by Mrs. Annie Mae Turner] box 14 folder folder 10

[Essay: "Motivations and Methods of White Power" by Martha Ragland] box 14 folder folder 11

[Article: Little Known History of the Negro] box 14 folder folder 12

[Article: Predominantly Excellent [by Herbert A. Wilson] box 14 folder folder 13

[Pamphlet: A Biographical Sketch of Henry Clayton Walker by Charles A. Brown]] box 14 folder folder 14

[Journal: Frontiers of Democracy, April 15, 1940] box 14 folder folder 15

[Articles and Pamphlets: Dubois, Dr. W.E.B.] box 14 folder folder 16

[Article: Civil Rights- Federal Programs in the South] box 14 folder folder 17

[Plaque: South Carolina Black Hall of Fame, Committee of 100 Black Men, June 6, 1992] box 14 folder folder 18

[Essay: "Political Modernization, Public Policy and the Ghetto" by Charles V. Hamilton] box 14 folder folder 19

[Essay: "Delinquency of Negro Girls in Alabama" by Vesta H. W. Lowe] box 14 folder folder 20