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“The University of Alabama Electronic Theses and Dissertations” Collection

"'[W]ritten with teares in harts close bleeding booke': wounds, skepticism, and the interior of the body in Early Modern romancetext
"Cracked within the ring": the spillable female body in Shakespearean tragedytext
"Enriching the collective resources": an historical analysis of the Network of Alabama Academic Libraries, 1984-2009text
"Hey guys? there's been a change in the raid": information use and social change in World of Warcrafttext
"Ice queens" and "snow studs": gender stereotypes and the 2010 Winter Olympic Gamestext
"If the heart be moved": the triumph of the heart in Milton, Herbert, and Donnetext
"It is a privilege to see so much confusion": Marianne Moore and revisiontext
"Like life in excrements": natural philosophy, hair, and the limits of the body's vitality in early modern English thoughttext
"Shall these bones live?": a textual materialist study of the 1950-1975 Chinua Achebe corpustext
"The multitude of thronging thoughts and baseless dreams": the diary of Caroline Sterntext
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