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Guide to the Shelby Iron Company Records MSS.1261


Finding aid prepared by Merrily A. Harris, Martha A. Bace, and Donnelly Lancaster Walton


Arrangement and description of this collection was made possible through a NHPRC-funded collaborative grant with The University of Alabama, "Bringing Alabama's African American History to Light."


University Libraries Division of Special Collections, The University of Alabama

Box 870266
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35487-0266

May 2009


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Shelby Iron Company Records

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University Libraries Division of Special Collections, The University of Alabama


488.0 Linear feet 488 linear feet




Contains records of the Shelby Iron Company from 1862 to 1930, including correspondence, directors' minutes, stockholder records, manufacturing records (charcoal reports, stable reports, mining, time books, payrolls by department), commissary records, grist mill toll books, furnace record books, and many other records. It also includes records of a subsidiary, Shelby Manufacturing and Improvement Company, 1890-1923. The virtually complete set of manufacturing records also parallels the birth and growth of the Birmingham iron industry. These records provide the most detailed accounts of Confederate iron making in the west, as well as a good deal of information about the rise (and fall) of industry in the South before and after the Civil War.


Shelby Iron Company.

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Processing Information note

Processed by Merrily A. Harris, with assistance from Martha A. Bace and Donnelly Lancaster Walton, 2009

General note

Arrangement and description of the Shelby Iron Company Records was made possible through a National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) Grant.


Through the years Shelby Iron Company created and kept records in different ways by different supervisors and managers with varying degrees of specificity and detail. Sometimes Shelby Iron Company used printed stationery for recording information; at other times they simply made notes in ledgers or diaries with or without headings to identify the area, department, etc. At some points during their history Shelby employees kept records of different functions such as daily charcoal reports in a ledger that also recorded other information, such as labor distribution, while at other times there were dedicated books for each separate function. Such variation in record-keeping practices made arrangement of this large collection even more challenging for the archivist. Therefore the user may notice some overlapping of items within a series and from one series to the next.

Scope and Contents Note

The collection contains records that document the daily operations that supported the production of iron, as well as the administrative history of the company. This virtually complete set of manufacturing records parallels the birth and growth of the Birmingham iron industry and gives a clear picture of the effect of freight rates and other factors on the industry in Alabama. Commissary and other records give a great deal of information relating to the labor force. These records provide detailed accounts of Confederate iron making in the South.

Researchers interested in African American history will find records that document the use of enslaved persons in iron production before and during the Civil War as well as the post-war employment of African Americans. The records often use the word "Negro" both before and after the war. These records may be found throughout the collection, but a researcher will most likely find them in the Labor Records and Reports subseries of the Manufacturing Operations series and the Payroll and Timebooks and Personnel/Labor subseries of the General Financial series. Although the container list in this finding aid notes some boxes, ledgers, and folders that include African American records, those notes should not be considered definitive in any search for information about African American workers as this material might be found in other parts of the collection.

The Shelby Iron Company Records contains expansive amounts of material documenting all aspects of the company's operations and services for employees. The collection is divided into eight series: Administrative Records; Correspondence; Manufacturing Operations; Sales and Purchasing/Shipping and Receiving; General Accounting; Services; Subsidiary; and Miscellaneous.

Biographical/Historical Note

Early History (1841-1861) Shelby Iron Company of Shelby, Shelby County, Alabama, furnished almost all the plate iron used in making armor plate used at the Confederate Naval Armory at Selma, Alabama, provided pig iron used in casting cannon at that facility, and provided iron for a number of companies making small arms for the Confederacy.

In 1841, Horace Ware, a native of Lynn, Massachusetts, financed by John M. McClanahan, purchased land in what was then Bibb County, Alabama to build an iron works and blast furnace. The furnace was put in blast by mid-decade and toward the end of the decade, produced its first pig iron which was declared to be "equal in quality to the best Scotch pig iron." Initially, transportation of raw and finished materials was problematic because the Shelby Iron Works were located five miles south of the nearest railroad line in Columbiana and seven miles east of the Coosa River. Finding skilled workers was also challenging. Ware utilized slave labor to keep operational costs down. The company owed several slaves and the rest were rented ("hired") from others slave owners to work in the factory.

By 1860, Shelby County led the state in industry with one blast furnace, a coke furnace, several foundries and a rolling mill. In anticipation of the coming confrontation with the North, Southern leaders, apprehensive about war being forced on the South, contemplated new and expanded manufacturing enterprises. Horace Ware, Shelby County's leading industrialist, sought out all means available by which he could increase the production capacity of his plant so that Shelby Iron Company would become the leader in providing much needed iron to the Southern cause should war ensue. Or if war was averted and the South was allowed to secede peacefully, the company would be poised to fill the needs of the new nation. To this end, an Act to incorporate the Shelby Iron Manufacturing Company was approved on February 4, 1858 and in 1861, company stock was offered for sale.

The War Years (1861-1865) With the secession of Alabama in 1861, Ware realized that his plant needed to be enlarged and on March 18, 1862, he sold six-sevenths of his interests in the company to John W. Lapsley, John M. McClanahan, Henry H. Ware, John R. Kenan, Andrew T. Jones and James W. Lapsley. At the first stockholders' meeting on April 10, 1862, Andrew T. Jones was elected President, Thomas I. de Yambert, Secretary, and John R. Kenan, Superintendent. At this meeting Jones unofficially named the company Shelby Iron Company. The charter was amended by an act on November 20, 1862 and the name was changed officially. The new group drew up "Articles of Agreement" and in April 1862 a contract was signed with the Confederate government for the manufacture of iron.

The history of Shelby Iron Company and other contemporary industries during this period clearly illustrates the difficulties between the Confederate Government and private industry. Small industries often struggled to fill government contracts that called for manufactured goods in amounts far beyond their capacity to produce while their stockholders often engaged in intensive battles to be rid of government restrictions in order to sell their products on the open market at often inflated prices. Along those lines, John Lapsley, fearing the depreciation of Confederate bonds, asked that the words "current funds" be removed from the contract stipulations so that the company would have the authority to determine what type of bonds they would accept as payment. Another example of the conflict between Shelby Iron Company and the Confederate government was the company's desperate need for transportation from the furnaces to the main railroad line in Columbiana six miles away. Over violent official protest, the company completed the line in January 1865. However, toward the end of the war, relations between the company and the Confederacy had begun to improve.

With the assistance of James R. Anderson of the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia, John W. Lapsley, General Josiah Gorgas, CSA Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance, and George Minor, Chief of the Bureau of Hydrography of the Confederate States Navy, a contract was negotiated with Colin McRae, the Confederate Iron Agent at Selma, Alabama, to produce iron supplies for the Confederate Government.

With the signing of the contract came the agreement for the Shelby Iron Company to deliver 12,000 tons of iron a year or the total output of the works. In return, the Confederate Army promised to pay fair, and even liberal, prices for different types of iron and an advance of $75,000 to get production started. The CSA Ordnance Bureau was to assist in finding skilled workers and furnish necessary parts and equipment and Mr. J. M. Tillman was hired as a Roaming Commissary Agent to recruit slave and skilled labor.

Iron produced by Shelby for the Confederacy was delivered to arsenals in Atlanta, Macon, the Selma Foundry, the Army and Navy. Orders to deliver the iron had to be issued by Colin McRae at Selma. Those orders were written to deliver iron to Mobile for floating batteries; to Rome, Georgia for gun making; and to Yazoo City, Mississippi, for building iron clad gun boats, including the CSS Tennessee. The company continued to manufacture first-quality iron until March 31, 1865 when Federal troops entered Shelby. While Shelby Iron Company was seriously incapacitated by Wilson's Raiders, it was by no means totally destroyed. In fact, most of the buildings were left intact. The cylinders and engines, however, were removed which effectively brought production to a halt.

The "destruction" of the plant by Union troops near the close of the war signaled the end of the company's part in the war and the beginning of its reconstruction. The advance of enemy troops in January 1865 virtually eliminated all Confederate war construction and Shelby Iron Company was given permission to sell iron on the open market.

Late in 1864, Samuel Tate was elected president and Andrew T. Jones continued on as vice-president. The day-to-day operation of the plant still rested on Jones since Tate's wide investments in Southern railroads kept him absent most of the time. However, after July, 1866, the affairs of the company came under Tate's direct control and because he held or controlled a majority of company stock, Tate began negotiations with Northern interests to supply much needed capital to keep the business going. In 1868, Shelby Iron Company was purchased by the firm of Newton Case and Daniel Phillips of Hartford, Connecticut, to produce car wheels for private manufacturers in Philadelphia and New York.

The Final Chapter (1866-1923) Even though Shelby Iron Company never again enjoyed the heady existence it had known during the Civil War, there was steady growth in the years immediately following the conflict. The furnaces were rebuilt and by 1872, the two furnaces were turning out charcoal iron and an unusually high grade of brown ore was coming from the company's own open-pit mine. Despite some ups and downs, generally speaking, the company enjoyed modest prosperity during this period with the earnings generally being ploughed back into the company.

While many of the Southern states were in dire need of iron and things made of iron, the war had virtually destroyed the Southern economy. Consequently Shelby Iron Company sent a large portion of its heavy production north to find a paying market. Even though the company had some competition with northern producers, Shelby enjoyed a significant advantage over them due to the especially high quality of its "car-wheel iron."

There is no doubt that the rise of the Birmingham steel industry during the early 20th century led to the ultimate decline of the Shelby Iron Company. In 1890 the company was bought and absorbed into the Alabama Coal and Iron Company, a New Jersey corporation organized by Shelby's New York and Hartford interests for that purpose. After a brief period, the new company took the name of Shelby Iron Company of New Jersey. It was at this time that the production of charcoal became more expensive due to the receding forests and buyers who were unwilling to pay premium prices for warm-blast charcoal iron. Shelby, with its constant transportation issues, was tremendously disadvantaged by the new furnaces in the Birmingham area who had easy access to good coking coal, iron ore and limestone and was very well-served by the railroads,

During World War I both of the Shelby furnaces were in blast, but after the Armistice production was radically reduced. By 1923, the furnaces' fires were permanently shut down. In 1929 the furnaces themselves were sold for scrap and by 1930 the dismantling of the infrastructure was complete. The corporation continued only for a few more years until the disposition of all the remaining ore as well as the timber lands and other properties.

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Shelby Iron Company records, W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library, University Libraries Division of Special Collections, The University of Alabama.

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Gift of Woodward Iron Company, 1948.


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Administrative Records

Series Description

Contains material created by and relating to the Board of Trustees and other high-ranking administrators, as well as company stockholders. In addition to charters, by-laws, maps, stock records, Board of Directors meeting minutes, and tax records, this series also contains land records. Some general and miscellaneous materials include child labor records. This series contains the following subseries: By-laws and Articles of Incorporation; Board of Directors; Tax and Financial Records; Stocks; Land Records; Insurance; Legal Records; and Miscellaneous.

Components in Detail

By-laws and articles of incorporation

Asset Inventory Records at Reorganization of Company, 1864 Box 1261.739

Charter and By-Laws, 1885 Box 1261.652

Papers entitled "A bill to be entitled 'An Act to Incorporate the Town of Shelby'" Box 1261.098

Copies of Ledgers and Journals, Charter and Bylaws Box 1261.884

Board of Directors

Board of Directors Meeting Volume 1261.420

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Volume 1261.396

Tax and financial records

"Carbons" of Quarterly Iron financial statements and Land report Volume 1261.203

"Carbons" Financial Records and Legal Documents Volume 1261.204

"Carbons" of financial statements Volume 1261.202

Blank Tax Return and Letter from IRS, 1903 Box 1261.832

State and County Tax Notice, 1903 Box 1261.832

"Carbons" of financial statements Volume 1261.206

"Carbons" of financial records Volume 1261.208

"Carbons" of financial statements Volume 1261.207

Tax records, circa 1910 Box 1261.651

Budget Request, 1913 Box 1261.832

Working papers used to prepare financial statements Box 1261.727

"Carbons" of financial statements Volume 1261.205

Legal records

Leases and legal records Box 1261.727

Settlements 1892-1895 Box 1261.1101

Brasher v. Shelby agreement, 1904 Box 1261.832

Shelby County Circuit Court Subpoenas, 1907 Box 1261.918

Court Summons, Horton v. Shelby, 1908 Box 1261.832

Agreements with Alabama Power, circa 1910 Box 1261.651

Contracts with Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company, 1911 Box 1261.838

Records regarding a legal suit with Alabama Power, 1913 Box 1261.843

Testimony of witnesses re: boiler explosion in January 1914 Box 1261.727

Circuit Court Papers, Garris and Cardin v. Shelby, Dupree and Lovett v. Shelby Box 1261.832

Land records

Property Transactions Volume 1261.404

Land purchases Box 1261.989

Survey field notes Box 1261.651

Land records Box 1261.827

Shelby Land Documents Box 1261.832


Insurance Policy, 1910 Box 1261.918

Injury Reports and Claims to Insurance, 1912-1913 Box 1261.824

List of Insurance Policies, March 1914 Box 1261.852

Insurance collection reports Box 1261.823

Insurance Policy Box 1261.1067


Stock Records Volume 1261.397

Stocks Box 1261.986

Stock Records Volume 1261.398

Stock Records Volume 1261.399

Stock Records Volume 1261.400

Stock Certificates Box 1261.1072

Stock, 50 Shares of Shelby Iron Company, 1873 Box 1261.838

Alabama Coal and Iron Stock Certificates Volume 1261.402

Alabama Coal and Iron Stock Certificates Volume 1261.401

Alabama Marble Company Stock Volume 1261.403

Stockholder meetings Box 1261.651

Stock transfer record Volume 1261.017

Stock transfer records Box 1261.417


Map of Shelby, Alabama Box 1261.852

Provision Records Volume 1261.269

Commissioner's Report, 1888 Box 1261.862

Sundry Liabilities and Assets, 1888, 1905, 1908, and 1909 Box 1261.862

Ages of boys under 16 years Box 1261.1098

Department of Commerce and Labor, Bureau of Census, 1904 Box 1261.832

Department of Commerce and Labor, Bureau of Fisheries, 1904 Box 1261.832

Department of Interior, US Geological Survey, 1904-1905 Box 1261.832

Unopened Envelope from U.S. House of Representatives, 1908 Box 1261.832

Maps 0.4 Linear feet Box 1261.651

I-11 Buildings and Equipment Correspondence and Blueprints, 1911-1914 Box 1261.853

Negative Copies of Forms Box 1261.1067


Series Description

Contains incoming and outgoing correspondence of the Shelby Iron Company. This series is divided into four subseries: Topical; Outgoing; Incoming; and General and Miscellaneous. Correspondence with a specific person or regarding a specific topic is placed in the Topical Series. The Outgoing and Incoming subseries follow a chronological arrangement and adhere to the original order of the records as Shelby Iron Company staff kept them. At other times Shelby staff kept both incoming and outgoing correspondence together in the same files; these are the materials in the General Subseries.

This enormous cache of letters relating to the company's day-to-day business--literally tens of thousands of notes and letters--is a prominent part of the collection.

Components in Detail

Topical and Specific Company/Position

Accounts Payable Box 1261.841

Business Box 1261.913

Business/Legal Box 1261.562

Financial Correspondence and Papers Box 1261.853

FNB Box 1261.853

I-11 Buildings and Equipment Box 1261.853

Jones, A.T. Box 1261.583

I-13 Rome Coaling Box 1261.853

I-10 Data Box 1261.853

Insurance Box 1261.841

L and N Railroad Box 1261.835

Labor and Accounts Box 1261.816

Managerial Box 1261.838

Manufacturing Box 1261.835

Maps Box 1261.651

Named Box 1261.886

Order Box 1261.656

Order Box 1261.657

Order Box 1261.587

Order Box 1261.649

Order Box 1261.586

Orders Box 1261.832

Oshawa Malleable Iron Company Box 1261.995

Pig Iron Box 1261.841

President Box 1261.841

Purchases Box 1261.073

Receiving Box 1261.841

Shipments Box 1261.627

Shipping and Ordering Box 1261.628

Southern Railway Box 1261.835

Taxes Box 1261.835


Outgoing correspondence Box 1261.531

Outgoing correspondence Box 1261.530

Outgoing correspondence Box 1261.547

Outgoing correspondence Box 1261.550

Outgoing correspondence Box 1261.548

Outgoing correspondence Box 1261.549

Outgoing correspondence (letter books) Box 1261.566A

Outgoing correspondence Box 1261.410


Incoming correspondence Box 1261.510

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.510

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.964

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.966

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.952

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.962

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.965

Incoming correspondence and miscellaneous Box 1261.516

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.911

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.551

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.552

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.553

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.554

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.559

Incoming correspondence Box 1261.961

General and Miscellaneous

Correspondence (including labor) Box 1261.885

Correspondence Problems Box 1261.836

Correspondence - R9B Box 1261.1010

Correspondence - R9B Box 1261.1012

Correspondence - R9C Box 1261.1094

Correspondence - R10E Box 1261.1052

Correspondence Box 1261.969

Correspondence Books Box 1261.957

Correspondence Box 1261.1026

Correspondence, payroll Box 1261.968

Correspondence Books Box 1261.950

Correspondence Book, Record Payable Box 1261.963

Correspondence Box 1261.539

Correspondence Box 1261.912

Correspondence Books Box 1261.953

Correspondence Box 1261.514

Correspondence Box 1261.568

Correspondence Books Box 1261.517

Correspondence Books Box 1261.557

Correspondence Box 1261.518

Correspondence Box 1261.926

Correspondence Box 1261.519

Correspondence Box 1261.532

Correspondence Box 1261.524

Correspondence Box 1261.525

Correspondence books Box 1261.522

Correspondence Box 1261.526

Correspondence (copies of invoices, statements) Box 1261.622

Correspondence Box 1261.527

Correspondence Box 1261.528

Correspondence Box 1261.534

Correspondence Box 1261.1060

Correspondence Box 1261.537

Correspondence Box 1261.538

Correspondence Box 1261.540

Correspondence Box 1261.541

Correspondence Box 1261.542

Correspondence Box 1261.543

Correspondence Box 1261.544

Correspondence Box 1261.545

Correspondence Box 1261.546

Correspondence Box 1261.555

Correspondence Box 1261.1015

Correspondence Box 1261.556

Correspondence Box 1261.829

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.560

Correspondence Box 1261.561

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.566

Correspondence Box 1261.565

Correspondence 1.0 linear foot Box 1261.830

Correspondence Box 1261.565A

Correspondence Box 1261.567

Correspondence Box 1261.655

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.564

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.570

Correspondence (letter books) Box 1261.574

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.650

Correspondence Box 1261.571

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.573

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.572

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.575

Correspondence Box 1261.789

Correspondence Box 1261.563

Correspondence Books Box 1261.558

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.579

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.577

Correspondence (2 letter books, 2 letter boxes) Box 1261.578

Correspondence Box 1261.576

Correspondence Box 1261.1017

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.580

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.581

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.582

Correspondence Box 1261.841

Correspondence Box 1261.1079

Correspondence Box 1261.1080

Correspondence Box 1261.826

Correspondence Box 1261.838

Correspondence Box 1261.838

Correspondence Box 1261.845

Correspondence Box 1261.943

Correspondence Box 1261.868

Correspondence Box 1261.985

Correspondence Box 1261.940

Correspondence Box 1261.918

Correspondence Various Box 1261.589

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.588

Correspondence Box 1261.073

Correspondence Box 1261.1070

Correspondence Box 1261.828

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.590

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.591

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.592

Correspondence Box 1261.1067

Correspondence Box 1261.593

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.596

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.595

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.594

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.597

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.598

Correspondence Box 1261.613

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.600

Correspondence Box 1261.790

Correspondence Box 1261.956

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.599

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.602

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.601

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.603

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.604

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.605

Correspondence Box 1261.607

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.606

Correspondence Box 1261.824

Correspondence Box 1261.838

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.608

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.609

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.610

Correspondence Box 1261.843

Correspondence Box 1261.838

Correspondence Box 1261.853

Correspondence Box 1261.853

Correspondence Box 1261.853

Correspondence Box 1261.834

Correspondence Box 1261.611

Correspondence Box 1261.841

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.612

Correspondence, 1913, 1915 Box 1261.829

Correspondence Box 1261.1068

Correspondence Box 1261.827

Correspondence Box 1261.837

Correspondence Box 1261.614

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.618

Correspondence Box 1261.616

Correspondence Box 1261.615

Correspondence Box 1261.617

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.619

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.620

Correspondence Box 1261.621

Correspondence Box 1261.1081

Correspondence Box 1261.1075

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.623

Correspondence Books Box 1261.558

Correspondence Box 1261.625

Correspondence Box 1261.626

Correspondence (four letter boxes) Box 1261.624

Correspondence (3 letter boxes) Box 1261.907

Correspondence, 1921 Box 1261.910

Correspondence Box 1261.1074

Correspondence Box 1261.815

Contracts; Correspondence Box 1261.529

Correspondence Box 1261.515

Correspondence Box 1261.916

Correspondence Box 1261.859

Correspondence Box 1261.851

Correspondence Box 1261.915

Correspondence Box 1261.1029

Correspondence (letter boxes) Box 1261.569

Correspondence Box 1261.838

Correspondence Box 1261.1056

Correspondence, Postcards Box 1261.098

Correspondence Books Box 1261.533

Correspondence Books Box 1261.974

Correspondence Books Box 1261.973

Miscellaneous and Named Correspondence Box 1261.521

Miscellaneous Correspondence Box 1261.523

Miscellaneous Correspondence Box 1261.535

Miscellaneous Correspondence Box 1261.520

Miscellaneous Correspondence Box 1261.846

Miscellaneous Correspondence Box 1261.927

Miscellaneous Correspondence Box 1261.536

Miscellaneous Correspondence and Papers Box 1261.955

Miscellaneous Correspondence, Unknown date Box 1261.845

Miscellaneous Cards Box 1261.838

Manufacturing Operations

Series Description

Includes any reports or records in the varied areas of operation that document Shelby's efforts to produce iron. These areas include blacksmith shops, rolling mill, stables, engine room, supply house, machine shop, and furnaces. Various inventories and distribution reports may be found throughout the series. The series contains many records documenting the receipt, usage, and measurement of charcoal. This series contains the following subseries: Blacksmith Records and Reports; Charcoal and Coaling Records and Reports; Distribution Records and Reports; Engine Records and Reports; Furnace Records and Reports; General Records and Reports; Hauling Records and Reports; Iron Records and Reports; Labor Records and Reports; Lumber Records and Reports; Machinists Records and Reports; Ore Records and Reports; Supply and Inventory Records and Reports; and Trial Balances.

Components in Detail

Blacksmiths Records and Reports

Blacksmith's Distribution Box 1261.1101

Blacksmiths Inventories Box 1261.1066

Blacksmiths, Daily Distribution Box 1261.1033

Blacksmiths Inventories Box 1261.1046

Charcoal and Coaling Records and Reports

Charcoal Book Volume 1261.299

Charcoal Received Box 1261.1048

Charcoal Received Box 1261.719

Charcoal Received Volume 1261.301

Charcoal Received Box 1261.721

Charcoal Received Box 1261.882

Charcoal Received Box 1261.1077

Charcoal Received Volume 1261.300

Charcoal Received Volume 1261.302

Charcoal Received, daily Box 1261.995

Charcoal Received Box 1261.989

Charcoal Received Volume 1261.304

Charcoal Received Volume 1261.303

Charcoal Received Volume 1261.305

Charcoal Received, daily Box 1261.868

Charcoal Received Box 1261.1049

Charcoal Received Box 1261.1002

Raw Materials Received, Charcoal Received Box 1261.752

Daily Charcoal Reports Box 1261.832

Daily Charcoal Reports Box 1261.841

Charcoal Reports Box 1261.838

Distribution of Coal Disbursements Box 1261.985

Measurement of Charcoal Box 1261.762

Measurement of Charcoal Box 1261.720

Measurement of Charcoal, Box 1261.839

Measurements of Charcoal Box 1261.985

Measurement of Charcoal Box 1261.1001

Measurements of Charcoal Box 1261.1067

U.S. Public, Charcoal Accounts Box 1261.791

I-10 Data, Pertaining to Charcoal Box 1261.853

Charcoal Oven Inventory Book Box 1261.1086 Folder 11

Charcoal Usage Volume 1261.368

Charcoal Book Volume 1261.298

MT Charcoal Company Billing Book Box 1261.003

Charcoal Box 1261.718

Charcoal Accounts, Inventories Box 1261.855

Coaling Inventories Box 1261.1086 Folder 10

Kalona Coalings Inventories Box 1261.1066

List of Coal Shipped Box 1261.985

Coal Receipts Box 1261.652

Distribution Records and Reports

Distribution Box 1261.787

Distribution Records 1897, 1899-1900 Box 1261.0918

Distribution Box 1261.814

Daily Distribution Records Box 1261.1089

Engine Room Records and Reports

Engine Room Reports Box 1261.1024

Engine Room Reports Box 1261.1096

Engine Room Reports Box 1261.1024

Rolling Stock Box 1261.1066

Furnace Records and Reports

Furnace 1 Records Volume 1261.313

Furnace 2 Records Volume 1261.315

Furnace Report, Furnace 2, Daily Jobs include "keepers," "fallman," "scrapers," "hot vat men," "coal pallers," as well as Sand cutters, iron carrers, cinder forkers, ore pullers and "bronzemen" Box 1261.003

Furnace Weekly Reports Box 1261.1033

Furnace Records Box 1261.862

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.314

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.306

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.308

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.307

Furnace Reports, daily Box 1261.1102

Furnace Records Volume 1261.309

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.310

Furnace reports Box 1261.311

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.312

Furnace Reports Box 1261.1000

Furnace Report Volume 1261.323

Furnace Report Volume 1261.322

Furnace Report Volume 1261.325

Furnace Report Volume 1261.326

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.327

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.328

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.329

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.321

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.320

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.319

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.318

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.317

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.316

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.366

Furnace Reports Volume 1261.367

Furnace Reports, Daily Box 1261.003

Furnace Reports, Daily Box 1261.852

Furnace Reports, Daily Box 1261.981

Furnace reports Box 1261.1103

Furnace Reports, Daily Box 1261.743

Furnace Reports Box 1261.1001

Furnace Production Ledger Box 1261.0912

Furnace, Engine Room and Tool Inventories Box 1261.1066

Report on Productivity of Furnaces Box 1261.852

Furnace Records Box 1261.1092

Furnace Records Box 1261.1067

Furnace Records Box 1261.1091

Furnace Box 1261.1086 Folder 21

Railroad Furnace Records Box 1261.0918

General Records and Reports

Accident Records ledger Box 1261.1098

Analysis Records Volume 1261.371

Balance records Box 1261.654

Brick Box 1261.1086 Folder 9

Chemical Lab Analysis Box 1261.1069

Chemical Analysis Box 1261.0912

Chemical Lab Analysis Box 1261.1096

Confederate States of America Production Records Box 1261.409

Daily Distributions Box 1261.1018

Daily Pump Report Box 1261.1017

Daily Report and Inventory Box 1261.562

Scope and Contents note

Includes records of materials used and inventory for various parts of the company, including blacksmith shop, rolling mill, wagon shop, etc.

Daily Reports Box 1261.1044

Daily Reports Box 1261.1015

Daily Reports Box 1261.1051

Daily Reports, January-October 1890 Box 1261.1067

Daily Reports Box 1261.1018

Drafts Box 1261.1047

Foundry Inventory Box 1261.1086 Folder 13

Foundry Reports Box 1261.842

Freight Receipts Box 1261.839

General Statements Box 1261.1091

"Iron and Steel Industry Accidents" forms, blank Box 1261.852

Locomotive Boiler Inspection and Repair Reports Box 1261.0918

Manufacturing Operations Inventories Box 1261.1066

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.739

Manufacturing Expense Records ledger Box 1261.1098

Manufacturing Records Volume 1261.368

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.765

Manufacturing Records Volume 1261.324

Manufacturing Records Volume 1261.362

Manufacturing Records Volume 1261.361

Manufacturing Records Volume 1261.364

Manufacturing Records Volume 1261.363

Manufacturing Records Volume 1261.365

Manufacturing Reports Box 1261.960

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.766

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.769

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.772

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.820

Manufacturing Reports Box 1261.992

Manufacturing Reports Box 1261.759

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.780

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.849

Manufacturing records Box 1261.813

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.747

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.746

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.738

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.749

Manufacturing Records Box 1261.748

Reports of Operation Box 1261.0912

Records regarding costs and analyses for production Box 1261.651

Production Records Box 1261.0918

Record of Pumping Station Volume 1261.013

Unfilled Orders Box 1261.862

Hauling and Stable Records and Reports

Haulings Box 1261.739

Hauling and Forage Returns Box 1261.910

Lot and Hauling Reports Box 1261.1002

Stable Inventories Box 1261.1066

Horses, etcetera Box 1261.1086 Folder 12

Daily Stable Reports Box 1261.985

Daily Stable Reports Box 1261.813

Daily Stable Reports, Work orders Box 1261.770

Iron Records and Reports

Daily Memorandum of Iron Made Box 1261.1077

Weekly iron reports Box 1261.719

Iron Produced and Shipped Volume 1261.311

Iron Reports Box 1261.0912

Daily Memorandum of Iron Made Box 1261.838

Iron Statements Box 1261.862

Iron Made, Daily Memoranda Box 1261.1069

Iron and Steel Production Reports Box 1261.0918

Inventory of Iron on Yard Box 1261.1035

Iron Analysis Volume 1261.370

Iron Tests and Lab Reports Box 1261.876

Iron Reports Box 1261.878

Weekly Iron Reports Box 1261.760

Iron Inventory Volume 1261.368

Cards listing Grades of Iron Box 1261.098

Pig Iron Box 1261.1066

Distribution of Cost of Pig Iron Box 1261.862

Pig Iron Analysis Volume 1261.369

Labor and Material Records and Reports

Labor Distribution (includes Negro time) Box 1261.652

Scope and Contents note

Records number of hands (differentiates between "white" and "Negro") for various areas and types of workers such as woodworkers and blacksmiths

Distribution Labor Box 1261.739

Daily Labor Distribution Box 1261.652

Labor and Material Distribution Volume 1261.291

Labor and Material Distribution Volume 1261.290

Distribution of Workmen ledger Box 1261.1098

Labor and Material Distribution Volume 1261.293

Daily Labor Reports Box 1261.738

Labor and Material Distribution Volume 1261.292

Labor/Material Distribution Volume 1261.296

Daily Labor Report Box 1261.852

Daily Labor Reports Box 1261.738

Distribution Materials Box 1261.786

Laboratory Inventory Box 1261.1005

Material Distribution Volume 1261.295

Material Distribution Volume 1261.297

Material Distribution Volume 1261.294

Raw Materials Received Box 1261.759

Raw Materials Received Box 1261.777

Raw Materials Received Box 1261.960

Daily Yard Estimate Box 1261.1031

Lumber Records and Reports

Distribution of Lumber ledger Box 1261.1098

Lumber Used ledger Box 1261.1098

Lumber Distribution Box 1261.1101

Machinists' Records and Reports

Machine Shop Records ledger Box 1261.1098

Machinist's Distribution Box 1261.1067

Machinists Inventory Box 1261.1066

Machinists Inventories Box 1261.1046

Machinists Inventory Box 1261.1086 Folder 19

Machinists Inventory Box 1261.1086 Folder 20

Ore Records and Reports

Ore Account ledger Box 1261.1098

Daily Ore Reports Box 1261.756

Daily Ore Roaster Reports Box 1261.1017

Daily Reports of Ore Delivered and Charcoal Received Box 1261.825

Daily Reports, Ore Bank Box 1261.1067

Daily Lot, Quarry, Ore Reports Box 1261.761

Requests for Analysis of Ore Sample Box 1261.743

Ore Inventory Box 1261.1005

Ore Inventory Box 1261.1005

Ore Inventory Box 1261.1005

Ore Cost Box 1261.864

Daily Cost of Ore Mining Box 1261.852

Supply and Inventory Records and Reports

Quarry Inventories Box 1261.1066

Railroad Inventories Box 1261.1066

Supply House Box 1261.1086 Folder 15

Supply House/Warehouse Box 1261.1086 Folder 14

Supply House/Warehouse Box 1261.1086 Folder 16

Supply House Reports, Daily Volume 1261.405

Supplies from Store Room Box 1261.984

Supply House/Warehouse Box 1261.1086 Folder 18

Supply House Reports, Daily Box 1261.986

Supply House Inventory Box 1261.1086 Folder 17

Tool Records Box 1261.1046

Inbound Inventories Box 1261.1066

Trial Balances

Trial Balances Box 1261.1103

Trial Balances Box 1261.1091

Trial Balances Box 1261.910

Trial Balance Box 1261.862

Sales and Purchasing/Shipping and Receiving

Series Description

Includes materials that relate to the sale of iron ore and the receipt of necessary provisions. Throughout the company's records the areas of sales and purchasing often overlap with the shipping and receiving records. Therefore these records are combined into one series. The series includes bills of lading, waybills, invoices, iron shipment records, orders, railroad records, receipts, requisitions, sales records, and other general records. This series contains the following subseries: Bills of Lading; Freight Records and Reports; Invoices; Orders; Railroad Receipts, Records, and Reports; Requisitions; Sales and Receipts; Shipping and Receiving Records and Reports; and Waybills.

Components in Detail

Bills of Lading

Bills of Lading, ET, Virginia, and Georgia Railroad Records Volume 1261.004

Bills of Lading, ET Virginia and Georgia Railroad Volume 1261.425

Bills of Lading, ET Virginia and Georgia Railroad Volume 1261.424

WV and G Bills of Lading Box 1261.688

Bills of Lading Volume 1261.414

Bills of Lading Box 1261.763

Bills of Lading Box 1261.682

Bills of Lading Box 1261.924

Bills of Lading Box 1261.995

Bills of Lading Box 1261.979

Bill of Lading, Receipts for Transportation Box 1261.995

Bills of Lading Box 1261.1018

Bills of Lading Box 1261.0912

Bills of Lading Box 1261.1016

Bills of Lading Box 1261.824

Bills of Lading Box 1261.864

Bills of Lading Box 1261.1061

Bills of Lading Box 1261.683

Bills of Lading Box 1261.771

Bills of Lading Box 1261.1033

Bills of Lading Box 1261.771

Bills of Lading and Shipping Records Box 1261.830

Bills of Lading Box 1261.868

Bills of Lading Box 1261.1027

Bills of Lading Box 1261.745

Bills of Lading Box 1261.845

Bills of Lading and Waybills Box 1261.1025

Bills of Lading Box 1261.1024

Bills of Lading Box 1261.1035

Bills of Lading Box 1261.744

Bills of Lading Box 1261.734

Bills of Lading Box 1261.687

Bills of Lading Box 1261.925

Bills of Lading Box 1261.684

Bills of Lading Box 1261.585

Bills of Lading Box 1261.1029

Bills of Lading Box 1261.0951

Bills of Lading Box 1261.1070

Bills of Lading Box 1261.1031

Bills of Lading Box 1261.1032

Bills of Lading Box 1261.743

Bills of Lading Box 1261.834

Bills of Lading Box 1261.988

Bills of Lading Box 1261.864

Bills of Lading Railroad Records Volume 1261.005

Bills of Lading Box 1261.976

Memorandums, re: Sent and Received Bills of Lading Box 1261.771

Memorandums, re: Sent and Received Bills of Lading Box 1261.745

Freight Records and Reports

SC Railroad Freight Volume 1261.018

Freight Bills Box 1261.686

Freight Bills Box 1261.1061

Freight Bills Box 1261.874

Freight Bills Box 1261.1031

Freight Bills Box 1261.0918

Freight Bills Box 1261.0918

Freight Bills Box 1261.1032

Freight Bills Box 1261.987

Freight Bills Box 1261.675

Freight Books Box 1261.1078

Freight Claim, Letter Book Volume 1261.423

Freight Receiving Box 1261.1078

Freight Received Volume 1261.285

Freight Received/Ship Ledger Volume 1261.278

Freight Received/Ship Ledger Volume 1261.280 Volume 1261.279

Freight Shipping Book Box 1261.1078

Divisions of Freight Box 1261.0912

Freight Records Volume 1261.289

Car Book, John Hall Box 1261.651

Car records Box 1261.864

Freight Weights Box 1261.098

Abstract of Freight Box 1261.0918

Empty Freight Cars Box 1261.417

Through Rates of Fare Box 1261.1015


Invoices (Purchases) Volume 1261.124

Invoice (Purchases) Railroad Volume 1261.114

Invoices (Purchases) Volume 1261.133

Invoices Volume 1261.673

Invoices Box 1261.1031

Invoices Box 1261.726

Invoices Box 1261.771

Invoices Box 1261.717

Invoices Box 1261.737

Invoices Box 1261.729

Invoices Box 1261.874

Invoices and Shipping Box 1261.1020

Invoices Box 1261.713

Invoices Box 1261.714

Invoices Box 1261.745

Invoices Box 1261.716

Invoices Box 1261.829

Invoices Box 1261.823

Invoices and Requisitions Box 1261.838

Invoices Box 1261.732

Invoices Box 1261.841

Invoices Volume 1261.147

Invoices Box 1261.917

Invoices Box 1261.909

General Invoices Volume 1261.108

General Invoices Volume 1261.111

General Invoices Volume 1261.110

General Invoices Volume 1261.112

General Invoices Volume 1261.116

General Invoices Volume 1261.115

General Invoices Volume 1261.113

Railroad Invoices Volume 1261.118

General Merchandise Invoice Book Volume 1261.119

General Invoices Volume 1261.120

General Invoices Volume 1261.121

General Invoices Volume 1261.122

General Invoices Volume 1261.123

General Invoices Volume 1261.125

General Invoices Volume 1261.128

General Invoices Volume 1261.126

General Invoices Volume 1261.134

General Invoices Volume 1261.132

General Invoices Volume 1261.131

General Invoices Volume 1261.130

General Invoices Volume 1261.139

General Invoices Volume 1261.135

General Invoices Volume 1261.136

General Invoices Volume 1261.137

General Invoices Volume 1261.140

General Invoices Volume 1261.141

General Invoices Volume 1261.143

General Invoices Volume 1261.145

General Invoices Volume 1261.146

General Invoices Box 1261.1029

General Invoices Volume 1261.129

General Invoices Volume 1261.142

General Invoices Volume 1261.144

Invoices for Transportation Box 1261.1101

Lists (expenses, accounts, receivables, invoices) Box 1261.887

Account Sales, Invoices Box 1261.879

Product Invoices and Receipts Box 1261.0912

Orders and Purchase Orders

Letter Orders Box 1261.417

Order Books Box 1261.1057

Order and Shipment Records Box 1261.739

Order Book Volume 1261.286

Order Book Volume 1261.287

Orders Box 1261.829

Orders Box 1261.1018

Orders Box 1261.1060

Orders Box 1261.823

Orders Box 1261.652

Orders Box 1261.827

Order Confirmations Box 1261.0918

Order Forms Box 1261.0951

Order Contracts and Receipts Box 1261.1015

General Purchases Volume 1261.138

Purchase Orders Box 1261.870

Purchasing, Box 1261.1017

Purchasing Box 1261.1017

Purchasing Box 1261.1019

Purchasing Box 1261.1100

Purchasing Records Box 1261.652

Purchasing records Box 1261.815

Purchase Orders Box 1261.0971

Miscellaneous Purchasing and Sales Records Box 1261.845

Merchandise Receivables Volume 1261.285

Warehouse Orders Box 1261.878

Railroad Receipts, Records, and Reports

ET, Virginia, and Georgia Railroad Ticket Reports Volume 1261.288

Railroad Receipts Box 1261.980

Railroad Receipts Volume 1261.415

Railroad Receiving Ledger Volume 1261.279

Railroad Receipts Volume 1261.416

Railroad Receiving Box 1261.914

Railroad Records - R10A Box 1261.1007

Railroad Records - R10A Box 1261.1008

Railroad Records - R10A Box 1261.1013

Railroad Records - R10A Box 1261.1022 Box 1261.1022

Railroad Records - R10A Box 1261.1028 Box 1261.1028

Railroad Records - R10A Box 1261.993

Railroad Records - R10A 3 Box 1261.990

Railroad Records - R10A 4 Box 1261.991

Railroad Records - R10B Box 1261.1006

Railroad Records - R10B Box 1261.1009

Railroad Records - R10B Box 1261.1011

Railroad Records - R10C Box 1261.1030 Box 1261.1030

Railroad Records Box 1261.0912

Railroad Records Box 1261.696

Railroad Records Box 1261.740

Railroad Records Box 1261.948

Railroad Shipping Book Volume 1261.983

Railroad Car Notification Postcards Box 1261.699

Railroad Car Notification Postcards Box 1261.700

Railroad Car Notification Postcards Box 1261.702

Railroad Car Notification Postcards Box 1261.703

Railroad Car Notification Postcards Box 1261.704

Railroad Miscellaneous Box 1261.1034

Railroad Receipts Box 1261.1015 Box 1261.1015

Railroad Freight Forms Box 1261.098

Railroad Shipping Rates Box 1261.098

Baggage Records Box 1261.1015

Reports of Freight Received Box 1261.1016

Stock and Goods Rate Table Box 1261.098

Daily Train Reports Box 1261.1016

Train Car Records Box 1261.1029

Southern Express Company Bills Box 1261.771

Southern Express Receipts Volume 1261.015

Transportation Volume 1261.012

Yard Report Box 1261.008

Yard Reports Volume 1261.011


Requisitions, Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company Box 1261.838

Requisitions Box 1261.0971

Requisitions Box 1261.743

Requisitions Box 1261.832

Requisitions Box 1261.874

Requisitions Box 1261.1027

Requisitions Box 1261.845

Requisitions Box 1261.864

Requisition forms Box 1261.1067

Requisitions Box 1261.693

Requisitions Box 1261.073

Requisitions and Sales Box 1261.843

Requisitions Box 1261.1032

Requisition Papers Box 1261.852

Requisitions Box 1261.864

Requisitions, Purchasing Book Box 1261.705

Sales and Receipts

Sales Journal Box 1261.739

Sales Journal Box 1261.739

Sales Journal Box 1261.739

Sales Journal Box 1261.739

Sales Journal Box 1261.739

Sales Journal Box 1261.739

Sales Journal Box 1261.739

Sales Journal Box 1261.739

Sales Records Box 1261.1087

Sales Records Box 1261.815

Sales Box 1261.931

Sale and Shipping of Pig Iron Box 1261.995

Sales Box 1261.989

Sales and purchasing Box 1261.856

Sales and Purchasing Records Box 1261.989

Mathew Addy and Company Receipts Volume 1261.413

Loose Receipts Mathew Addy and Co. Volume 1261.412

Receipts, Accounts Payable Box 1261.871

Receipt Books Box 1261.1041

Receipt Books Box 1261.1038

, 1886 Volume 1261.186

Receipt Book Volume 1261.187

Receipt Book Volume 1261.193

Receipt Book Volume 1261.189

Receipt Book Volume 1261.188

Receipt Book Volume 1261.192

Receipt Book Volume 1261.190

Receipt Book Volume 1261.191

Receipt Books Box 1261.1040

Receipts Box 1261.1027

Receipts Box 1261.0918

Registered Package Receipts Box 1261.1001

Interstate Commerce Commission Rule Booklets, 1915 Box 1261.0918

Shipping and Receiving Records and Reports

Iron Shipments Volume 1261.002

Iron Shipments Volume 1261.274

Iron Shipments Volume 1261.273

Iron Shipments Volume 1261.275

Iron Shipments Volume 1261.276

Iron Shipments Volume 1261.277

Pig Iron Shipped Box 1261.1102

Shipping Records, L and N Railroad Box 1261.1023

Shipping and Invoices Box 1261.1099

Shipping and Railroad Papers and Tickets Box 1261.995

Shipping and Receiving Memo Book Box 1261.1101

Shipping and Receiving Box 1261.1078

Shipping and Receiving Box 1261.1021

Shipping and Receiving Box 1261.845

Shipping and Receiving Box 1261.1025

Shipping and Receiving Box 1261.1024

Shipping and Receiving Box 1261.1029

Shipping and Sales Records Book Box 1261.986

Shipping and Sales Ledger Box 1261.0918

Shipping Instructions to Yard Box 1261.1099

Shipping Instructions to Yard Box 1261.1021

Shipping Instructions to Yard Box 1261.0951

Shipping Orders Box 1261.1031

Shipping Records Box 1261.823

Shipping Book Box 1261.003

Shipping Book (Freight Receiving) Box 1261.1078

Shipping Box 1261.1017

Shipping Box 1261.003

Shipping Box 1261.1017

Shipping Box 1261.989

Shipping Box 1261.1100

Shipping Box 1261.1019

Shipping Box 1261.989

Shipping Box 1261.928

Shipping Records Box 1261.865

Shipping, Purchasing Box 1261.1032

Shipping Box 1261.827

Shipping Box 1261.1020

Shipping Box 1261.003

Shipping and Receiving Memorandum Volume 1261.016

Shipping Rates and Railroad Memoranda Box 1261.098

Shipping Instructions Box 1261.584

Railroad Shipping Volume 1261.014

Form 36 (Shipping) Box 1261.1069

Shipping Tallies and Invoices Box 1261.680

Shipments Box 1261.873

Shipping Records Box 1261.003

Shipping Records Box 1261.972

Report Included in Settlement (Shipping) Box 1261.1069

Miscellaneous Shipping and Sales Records Box 1261.841

Receiving Log and Book (2 ledgers) Volume 1261.284

Receiving Book Box 1261.562

Receiving Book Volume 1261.285

Receiving Ledger Volume 1261.282

Receiving Ledger Volume 1261.283

Receiving Box 1261.1019

Receiving Box 1261.745

Receiving Book, Heavy Goods Box 1261.652

Receiving Book Box 1261.1033

Receiving Ledger Volume 1261.281


L and N Waybills Box 1261.723

L and N Waybills Box 1261.725

L and N Waybills Box 1261.722

Waybills, S.I.R.R. Co. Box 1261.1060

Waybills Box 1261.0912

Waybills Box 1261.976

Waybills Box 1261.995

Waybills Box 1261.997

Waybills Box 1261.977

Waybills Box 1261.681

Waybills Box 1261.1018

Waybills Box 1261.1016

Waybills Box 1261.685

Waybills Box 1261.1029

Waybills Box 1261.1062

Waybills Box 1261.1063

Report of Cars and Waybills Box 1261.1035

Report of Cars and Waybills Box 1261.1027

Report of Cars and Waybills Box 1261.0918

General Financial Records

Series Description

Includes the company's general financial records such as payroll records, timebooks, vouchers, bank statements, and other materials. This series is divided into the following subseries: Accounts Payable; Accounts Receivable; Bankbooks, Cancelled Checks, Check Stubs; Cash Books; General and Accounting; Inventory; Invoices; Market Records; Memoranda and Office Blotters; Orders and Purchase Orders; Payroll and Timebooks; Personnel/Labor; Receipts; Requisitions; Statements of Accounts and Comparative Statements; Vouchers; and Miscellaneous. Shelby Iron Company maintained records for these various areas and functions in large ledgers, often identifying them as "general ledgers" or "general accounting ledgers"; these may be found in the General and Accounting subseries.

Components in Detail

Accounts Payable

Accounts Paid Box 1261.986

Accounts Paid Box 1261.841

Accounts Paid Box 1261.845

Accounts Paid Box 1261.986

Accounts Payable Volume 1261.107

Accounts Payable Box 1261.929

Accounts Payable Box 1261.931

Accounts Payable Box 1261.947

Invoices, Accounts Payable, Receipts Box 1261.933

Invoices, Accounts Payable, Receipts Box 1261.934

Invoices, Accounts Payable, Receipts Box 1261.935

Invoices, Accounts Payable, Receipts Box 1261.936

Invoices, Accounts Payable, Receipts Box 1261.937

Invoices, Accounts Payable Box 1261.938

Receipts, Accounts Payable, Invoices Box 1261.932

Receipts, Invoices, Accounts Payable Box 1261.930

Invoices, Accounts Payable Box 1261.945

Receipts, Accounts Payable Box 1261.939

Receipts, Accounts Payable Box 1261.942

Receipts, Accounts Payable Box 1261.941

Receipts, Accounts Payable Box 1261.944

Receipts, Accounts Payable , Cancelled Checks Box 1261.954

Receipts, Accounts Payable Box 1261.949

Expense Records Box 1261.311

Remittance Statement Box 1261.985

Accounts Payable, McClanahan Accounting Volume 1261.441

Accounts Receivable

Accounting, Receiving Ledger Volume 1261.419

Accounts Receivable Volume 1261.393

Accounts Receivable Volume 1261.394

Balances Due Box 1261.1092

Bill Receivables Volume 1261.041

Charge Account Box 1261.1087

Received Payments Box 1261.1002

Receipts Box 1261.1082 Folder 1

Rent Collections Box 1261.1005

Bankbooks, Cancelled Checks, Check Stubs

Bankbooks Box 1261.689

Bank Receipts Box 1261.1050

Bank Statements Box 1261.1103

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.0912

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.775

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.733

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.881

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.774

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.778

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.741

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.698

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.773

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.715

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.730

Cancelled Checks, Invoices Box 1261.712

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.731

Cancelled Checks, Receipts Box 1261.946

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.0918

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.776

Cancelled Checks Box 1261.958

Checks Box 1261.832

Checks Box 1261.838

Checkbooks Box 1261.1090

Checkbooks Box 1261.1042

Checkbooks Box 1261.1037

B. Y. Frost Checkbook Volume 1261.020

Check Records and Payroll Check Records Volume 1261.181

Check Records Volume 1261.180

First National Bank, Anniston Check Stubs Volume 1261.163

First National Bank, Anniston Check Stubs Volume 1261.167

First National Bank, Anniston Check Stubs Volume 1261.166

First National Bank, Anniston Check Stubs Volume 1261.160

First National Bank and Thomas K. Ferguson and Company Check Stubs Volume 1261.150

First National Bank Check Stubs Volume 1261.168

First National Bank Check Stubs Volume 1261.151

First National Bank Check Stubs Volume 1261.149

First National Bank Check Stubs Volume 1261.148

First National Bank Check Stubs Volume 1261.152

First National Bank, Hartford Check Stubs Volume 1261.179

First National Bank, Hartford Check Stubs Volume 1261.177

First National Bank, Hartford Check Stubs Volume 1261.171

First National Bank, Hartford Check Stubs Volume 1261.170

First National Bank, Hartford Check Stubs Volume 1261.174

Check Stubs Volume 1261.178

Check Stubs Volume 1261.176

Check Stubs Volume 1261.169

Check Stubs Volume 1261.175

Check Stubs, Volume 1261.165

Check Stubs Volume 1261.164

Check Stubs Volume 1261.159

Check Stubs Volume 1261.157

Check Stubs Volume 1261.154

Check Stubs Volume 1261.158

Check Stubs Volume 1261.153

Check Stubs Volume 1261.156

Check Stubs Volume 1261.161

Check Stubs Volume 1261.162

Check Stubs Volume 1261.155

Check Stubs Volume 1261.173

Check Stubs

Check Stubs Volume 1261.172

Columbiana Bank Saving Volume 1261.019

Registers, no date Box 1261.867

Registers, no date Box 1261.866

Registers, no date Box 1261.863

Statement of Checks Drawn Box 1261.852

Statement of Checks Drawn, no date Box 1261.1036

Cash Books

Cash Book Box 1261.739

Cash Book Volume 1261.083

Cash Book Volume 1261.082

Cash Book Volume 1261.081

Cash Book Volume 1261.079

Cash Book Volume 1261.080

Cash Book Volume 1261.084

Cash Book Volume 1261.085

Cash Book Volume 1261.086

Cash Book Volume 1261.087

Cash Book Volume 1261.088

Cash Book Volume 1261.089

Cash Book Volume 1261.090

Cash Book Volume 1261.091

Cash Book Volume 1261.092

Cash Book Volume 1261.093

Daily Cash Reports Box 1261.743

Daily Cash Reports Box 1261.832

General and Accounting

Account Book Box 1261.652

Scope and Contents note

The records are unclear--this could be a timebook or commissary records

Account Ledger Volume 1261.101

Account Ledger Volume 1261.104

Account Ledger Volume 1261.102

Account Ledger Volume 1261.103

Account Ledger Volume 1261.106

Account Book Volume 1261.001

Accounting Volume 1261.056

Accounting Volume 1261.057

Accounting Volume 1261.059

Accounting Volume 1261.058

Accounting Volume 1261.063

Accounting Volume 1261.064

Accounting Volume 1261.062

Accounting Volume 1261.060

Accounting Volume 1261.061

Accounting Volume 1261.068

Accounting Volume 1261.067

Accounting Volume 1261.065

Accounting Volume 1261.076

Accounting Volume 1261.073

Accounting Volume 1261.077

Accounting Volume 1261.072

Accounting Volume 1261.078

Accounting Volume 1261.069

Accounting Volume 1261.074

Accounting Volume 1261.070

Accounting Volume 1261.071

Accounting Volume 1261.075

Accounting Volume 1261.066

Account Statements Box 1261.844

Account Balances Volume 1261.098

Account Balances Volume 1261.100

Account Balances Volume 1261.099

Account, Express Ledger Volume 1261.097

Assets, Totals, Accounting Volume 1261.055

General account records Box 1261.653

General Accounting Volume 1261.043

General Accounting Volume 1261.096

General Accounting Volume 1261.042

General Accounting Volume 1261.040

General Accounting Volume 1261.045

General Accounting Volume 1261.044

General Accounting Volume 1261.032

General Accounting Volume 1261.047

General Accounting Volume 1261.421

General Accounting Volume 1261.046

General Accounting Volume 1261.048

General Accounting Volume 1261.050

General Accounting Volume 1261.052

General Accounting Volume 1261.051

General Accounting Volume 1261.049

General Accounting Volume 1261.054

General Accounting Volume 1261.053

General Account Volume 1261.105

General Ledger, "Hands" Box 1261.1097

General Ledger Volume 1261.022

General Ledger Volume 1261.024

General Ledger Volume 1261.025

General Ledger Volume 1261.023

General Ledger Volume 1261.028

General Ledger Volume 1261.029

General Ledger Volume 1261.026

General Ledger Volume 1261.027

General Ledger Volume 1261.094

General Ledger Volume 1261.031

General Ledger Volume 1261.030

General Ledger Volume 1261.033

General Ledger Volume 1261.034

General Ledger Volume 1261.035

General Ledger Volume 1261.036

General Ledger Volume 1261.038

General Ledger Volume 1261.039

General Ledger Volume 1261.037

General ledger Box 1261.751

General Expenses Ledger Volume 1261.198

Financial Accounts Box 1261.1070

Financial Statements Box 1261.1015

Index to Ledger 1: ALA., C., and I.CO. Volume 1261.395

Petty Ledger, Alabama Coal and Iron Company Box 1261.739

Miscellaneous General Accounting Records Box 1261.845

Invoices Box 1261.931

Bills, Statements Box 1261.969

Newton, Case and Phillips Accounting Book Volume 1261.411


Inventory Volume 1261.333

General Inventory (includes Manufacturing Operations and Commissary Inventories), not dated Box 1261.1066

Inventory Books Box 1261.883

Inventory Box 1261.996


Invoice and Sales Books Box 1261.571

Invoices (Purchases) Volume 1261.109

Invoices (Purchases General) Volume 1261.117

Invoices Volume 1261.127

Invoices Box 1261.652

Invoices Box 1261.926

Invoices Box 1261.832

Invoices Box 1261.826

Invoices Box 1261.828

Invoices Box 1261.742


Commissary Invoices, Box 1261.743

Market Records

Market Records Volume 1261.356

Market Records Volume 1261.353

Market Records Volume 1261.360

Market Volume 1261.334

Market Volume 1261.345

Market Volume 1261.343

Market Records Volume 1261.352

Market Records Volume 1261.350

Market Records Volume 1261.354

Market Day Book Volume 1261.341

Memoranda and Office Blotters

Office Blotter Box 1261.817

Office Blotter Box 1261.817

Office Blotter Box 1261.817

Office Blotter Box 1261.817

Office Blotter Box 1261.817

Office Blotter Box 1261.817

Office Blotter Box 1261.817

Office Blotter Box 1261.817

Office Memorandums Box 1261.739

Memorandums Box 1261.1031

Orders and Purchase Orders

Order Book Box 1261.1033

Order Book Box 1261.1033

Statements and Orders Box 1261.868

Orders Box 1261.743

Purchase Orders Box 1261.764

Payroll and Timebooks

Negro Worker Records Box 1261.652

Childersburg Coaling Payrolls, Vouchers Box 1261.908

Payroll Distribution Volume 1261.372

Payroll Distribution Box 1261.852

Payroll distribution Box 1261.1092

Payroll and Labor Distribution Records Box 1261.739

Payroll and Manufacturing Records Box 1261.768

Payroll and Stoppages Box 1261.839

Payroll and Stoppages Box 1261.985

Payroll Box 1261.1015

Payrolls Box 1261.910

Payroll Box 1261.753

Payroll Volume 1261.379

Payroll Box 1261.1103

Payroll Volume 1261.385

Payroll Volume 1261.437

Payroll Box 1261.0912

Payroll Volume 1261.436

Payroll Volume 1261.450

Payroll Volume 1261.453

Payroll Volume 1261.434

Payroll Volume 1261.440

Payroll Volume 1261.386

Payroll Volume 1261.438

Payroll Volume 1261.435

Payroll Volume 1261.454

Payroll Volume 1261.459

Payroll Volume 1261.389

Payroll Volume 1261.458

Payroll Volume 1261.457

Payroll Volume 1261.452

Payroll Volume 1261.451

Payroll Volume 1261.433

Payroll Volume 1261.462

Payroll Box 1261.928

Payroll Volume 1261.455

Payroll Volume 1261.463

Payroll Volume 1261.456

Payroll Volume 1261.461

Payroll Volume 1261.460

Payroll Box 1261.832

Payroll Volume 1261.439

Payroll Box 1261.783

Payroll Box 1261.784

Payroll Box 1261.782

Payroll Box 1261.785

Payroll Box 1261.788

Payroll Box 1261.818

Payroll Box 1261.989

Payroll Box 1261.1067

Payroll Box 1261.781

Payroll Box 1261.767

Payroll Box 1261.760

Payroll Box 1261.757

Payroll Box 1261.755

Payroll Box 1261.754

Payroll Box 1261.750

Payroll Box 1261.728

Payroll Box 1261.674

Payroll Box 1261.996

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.449

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.448

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.432

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.431

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.430

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.429

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.428

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.427

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.392

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.391

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.390

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.388

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.387

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.384

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.383

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.382

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.381

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.377

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.380

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.378

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.376

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.375

Loose Payroll Volume 1261.374

Loose Payroll Box 1261.736

Machine Stop Time Book Box 1261.1098

Machinists' Time Roll Box 1261.832

Employee Time and Balances Box 1261.910

Weekly Time Roll Box 1261.1103

Weekly Time Reports Box 1261.1017

Timebook, Negro Overtime Box 1261.003

Timebook Box 1261.652

Scope and Contents note

Interesting small, unidentified book. Half of it contains daily lists of the workers, including children, and how much they worked. THe other half contains weekly [?] lists of the amount of bacon and meal (in bushels) for each family. Includes entire families and some identified as "Negro."

Time roll Box 1261.654

Time Roll Box 1261.1031

Time Roll Box 1261.921

Timebook Box 1261.986

Timebook Box 1261.003

Timebooks Box 1261.006

Timebook Box 1261.003

Timebooks Box 1261.008

Timebooks Box 1261.493

Timebooks Box 1261.629

Timebooks Box 1261.630

Timebooks Box 1261.631

Timebooks Box 1261.632

Timebooks Box 1261.633

Timebooks Box 1261.889

Timebooks Box 1261.890

Timebooks Box 1261.892

Timebooks Box 1261.891

Timebooks Box 1261.893

Timebooks Box 1261.894

Timebooks Box 1261.895

Timebooks Box 1261.896

Timebooks Box 1261.900

Timebooks Box 1261.903

Timebooks Box 1261.901

Timebooks Box 1261.897

Timebooks Box 1261.898

Timebooks Box 1261.902

Timebooks Box 1261.899

Timebooks Box 1261.904

Timebooks Box 1261.905

Timebooks Box 1261.906

Timebooks Box 1261.888

Timebooks Box 1261.1093

Timebooks Box 1261.1067

Timebooks Box 1261.660

Timebooks Box 1261.659

Timebooks Box 1261.658

Timebooks Box 1261.648

Timebooks Box 1261.647

Timebooks Box 1261.646

Timebooks Box 1261.645

Timebooks Box 1261.644

Timebooks Box 1261.643

Timebooks Box 1261.642

Timebooks Box 1261.641

Timebooks Box 1261.640

Timebooks Box 1261.639

Timebooks Box 1261.638

Timebooks Box 1261.637

Timebooks Box 1261.636

Timebooks Box 1261.635

Timebooks Box 1261.634

Time and Balances Box 1261.760

Weekly Time Roll Box 1261.1004

Weekly Time Roll Box 1261.1092

Weekly Time Roll Box 1261.1049

Unclaimed Wages Box 1261.1098


Drivers of Mule and Operating Teams, Dump Carts Box 1261.739

Employment Box 1261.1014

Hands called Box 1261.864

Hiring Day Book Hiring of 'girls,' 'boys,' 'hands' and masons by day and month; renting out of 'hands'; brick sales Box 1261.007

Labor Records Box 1261.1017

Labor Distribution Volume 1261.373

Personnel Day Book Volume 1261.010


Receipts Volume 1261.422

Receipts Box 1261.1077

Southern Express Receipts Book Box 1261.007


Requisitions Box 1261.0912

Requisitions Box 1261.735

Requisitions Box 1261.655

Requisitions Box 1261.865

Requisitions Box 1261.0970

Requisitions Box 1261.0918

Requisitions Box 1261.868

Requisitions Box 1261.854

Requisitioins Box 1261.872

Requisitions Box 1261.985

Requisitions Box 1261.0922

Requistions Box 1261.1070

Requisitions Box 1261.1033

Statements of Accounts and Comparative Statements

Statement of Accounts Box 1261.862

Comparative Statements Box 1261.862



Vouchers Box 1261.652

Vouchers Box 1261.994


Vouchers Box 1261.662

Vouchers Box 1261.798

Vouchers Box 1261.652

Vouchers Box 1261.805

Vouchers Box 1261.1103

Vouchers Box 1261.860

Vouchers Box 1261.803

Vouchers Volume 1261.184

Vouchers Box 1261.808

Vouchers Box 1261.666

Vouchers Box 1261.665

Vouchers Box 1261.869

Vouchers Box 1261.652


Vouchers Box 1261.810

Vouchers Box 1261.678

Vouchers Box 1261.809

Vouchers Box 1261.663

Vouchers Box 1261.758

Vouchers Box 1261.664

Vouchers Box 1261.1088

Vouchers Box 1261.802

Vouchers Box 1261.840


Vouchers Box 1261.858

Vouchers Box 1261.491

Vouchers Box 1261.806

Vouchers Box 1261.489

Vouchers Box 1261.490

Vouchers Volume 1261.183

Vouchers Box 1261.812

Vouchers Box 1261.492

Vouchers Box 1261.483

Vouchers Box 1261.861

Vouchers Box 1261.485

Vouchers Box 1261.486

Vouchers Box 1261.487

Vouchers Box 1261.985

Vouchers Box 1261.488

Vouchers Box 1261.800

Vouchers Box 1261.804

Vouchers Box 1261.847

Vouchers Box 1261.801

Vouchers Box 1261.799

Vouchers Box 1261.484


Vouchers Box 1261.850

Vouchers Box 1261.467

Vouchers Box 1261.792

Vouchers Box 1261.691

Vouchers Volume 1261.464

Vouchers Box 1261.679

Vouchers Box 1261.1083

Vouchers Box 1261.471

Vouchers Box 1261.669

Vouchers Box 1261.1045

Vouchers Box 1261.1060

Vouchers Box 1261.1060

Vouchers Box 1261.823

Vouchers Box 1261.868

Vouchers Box 1261.478

Vouchers Box 1261.797

Vouchers Box 1261.482

Vouchers Box 1261.667

Vouchers Box 1261.468

Vouchers Box 1261.850

Vouchers Box 1261.671

Vouchers Box 1261.928

Vouchers Box 1261.692

Vouchers Box 1261.474

Vouchers Box 1261.480

Vouchers Box 1261.661

Vouchers Box 1261.465

Vouchers Box 1261.793

Vouchers Box 1261.690

Vouchers Box 1261.668

Vouchers Box 1261.796

Vouchers Box 1261.676


Vouchers Box 1261.850

Vouchers Box 1261.472

Vouchers Box 1261.677

Vouchers Box 1261.811

Vouchers Box 1261.475

Vouchers Box 1261.807

Vouchers Box 1261.795

Vouchers Box 1261.466

Vouchers Box 1261.473

Vouchers Box 1261.743

Vouchers Box 1261.477

Vouchers Box 1261.794

Vouchers Box 1261.670

Vouchers Box 1261.476

Vouchers Box 1261.481

Vouchers Box 1261.479

Vouchers Box 1261.850

Vouchers Box 1261.470

Vouchers Box 1261.469

Vouchers, other

Vouchers Box 1261.1089

Vouchers Box 1261.917

Vouchers Box 1261.878

Vouchers Box 1261.1067

Vouchers Box 1261.1095

Vouchers Box 1261.958

Vouchers and Casting Accounts Box 1261.857

Vouchers and sales cards Box 1261.880

Voucher Index Box 1261.652

Voucher Index Box 1261.652

Voucher Index Volume 1261.182

Vouchers, Invoices, and Daily Reports Box 1261.839

Vouchers, Charcoal Received Box 1261.959


Daily Credit Sales Box 1261.1071

Miscellaneous Business Box 1261.697

Daily Reports Box 1261.1031

Daily Sales Sheets Box 1261.842

Invoices, Statements, Daily Commissary Records, Daily Sales Reports, Time Rolls, Requisitions Box 1261.825

Daily Memos, Time Books, Analysis, Freight Way Bills Box 1261.1085

Registry Bills, Weekly Time Rolls Box 1261.1003

Balance Sheets, Distributions, Daily Reports, Post Cards, Express Forwarders Box 1261.999

Miscellaneous including Daily Reports, Machinist Distribution Box 1261.877

Checkbooks, Postcards, Journal Entries Box 1261.875

Bills, Vouchers, Receipts Box 1261.848

Bills, Vouchers, Receipts Box 1261.833

Bills, Vouchers, Receipts Box 1261.822

Receipts, Post office, Inventory Box 1261.819

Small Accounts Volume 1261.342

Small Accounts Volume 1261.335

Invoices, Vouchers Box 1261.967


Series Description

In addition to the manufacturing operations that supported iron production, Shelby Iron Company either had contracts with local businesses or operated their own businesses that their employees and their families patronized in the communities where Shelby had facilities, such as Coosa, Lamar, or Bolling. Records relating to the stores or commissaries make up the bulk of this series, but other functions include housing, hotel, grist mill, post office, and a school. This series includes the following subseries: Specific Commissaries; Commissary Accounts; Commissary Daybooks and Blotters; Commissary General Records; Commissary Inventories; Commissary Sales; Grist Mill; Grocery; Hotel; Housing; and School.

Components in Detail

Specific Commissaries

Bolling Inventory Box 1261.1086f Folder 6

British Commissary, Inventory Box 1261.1064

Requisition of British Commissary Box 1261.832

Daily Reports from British Commissary Box 1261.417

Report on Coaling Commissaries Box 1261.852

Coosa Commissary Box 1261.1086 Folder 4

Kalona Inventory Box 1261.1086 Folder 7

Kalona Inventory Box 1261.1086 Folder 8

Kimball Contract Ledgers Volume 1261.409

Lamar Commissary Box 1261.1086 Folder 3

Selma Commissary, W.J. Berry Accounting Ledger Volume 1261.408

Selma Commissary, W.J. Berry Accounting Ledger Volume 1261.407

Commissary Accounts

Accounts Box 1261.1033

Accounts Volume 1261.233

Accounts Volume 1261.232

Accounts Volume 1261.228

Accounts Volume 1261.231

Accounts Volume 1261.230

Accounts Volume 1261.239

Accounts Volume 1261.238

Accounts Volume 1261.234

Accounts Volume 1261.241

Accounts Volume 1261.240

Accounts Volume 1261.242

Accounts Volume 1261.222

Accounts Volume 1261.225

Accounts Volume 1261.244

Accounts Volume 1261.243

Accounts Volume 1261.249

Accounts Volume 1261.248

Accounts Volume 1261.247

Accounts Volume 1261.250

Accounts Volume 1261.246

Accounts Volume 1261.253

Accounts Box 1261.510

Accounts Volume 1261.251

Accounts Volume 1261.260

Accounts Volume 1261.259

Accounts Volume 1261.257

Accounts Volume 1261.258

Accounts Volume 1261.256

Accounts Volume 1261.254

Accounts Volume 1261.255

Accounts Volume 1261.261

Accounts Volume 1261.272

Accounts Volume 1261.264

Accounts Volume 1261.252

Accounts Volume 1261.263

Accounts Volume 1261.265

Accounts Volume 1261.266

Accounts Volume 1261.267

Accounts Volume 1261.268

Accounts Volume 1261.262

Index for Merchandise Accounts Book, #65 Volume 1261.406

Commissary Receivables Volume 1261.229

Commissary Receivables Volume 1261.235

Commissary Receivables Volume 1261.236

Commissary Receivables Volume 1261.237

Commissary Daybooks and Blotters

Daybooks Box 1261.1101

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.501

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.500

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.506

Commissary Daybook Volume 1261.330

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.508

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.507

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.509

Commissary Daybook Volume 1261.331

Commissary Daybook Volume 1261.349

Commissary Daybook Volume 1261.351

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.511

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.512

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.502

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.503

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.504

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.513

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.505

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.494

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.499

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.496

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.495

Commissary Daybook, Dry Goods Box 1261.823

Commissary Daybook Volume 1261.338

Commissary Daybook Volume 1261.348

Commissary Daybook Volume 1261.358

Commissary Daybook Volume 1261.357

Commissary Daybook Volume 1261.346

Commissary Daybook Volume 1261.347

Commissary Daybook Volume 1261.339

Commissary Daybooks Volume 1261.1054 Box 1261.1054

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.1076

Commissary Daybooks Box 1261.497

Fremont C. Finch Day Book Box 1261.003

Fremont C. Finch Day Book Box 1261.003

S.J. Morgan Day Book Box 1261.003

S.J. Morgan Day Book Box 1261.003

Store Daybook Box 1261.986

Store Blotter 1 Box 1261.1082 Volume 2

Store Blotter 2 Box 1261.1082 Volume 3

Store Blotter 3 Box 1261.1082 Volume 4

Store Blotter 4 Box 1261.1082 Volume 5

Store Blotter 5 Box 1261.1082 Volume 6

Store Blotter 6 Box 1261.1082 Volume 7

Store Blotter 7 Box 1261.1082 Volume 8

Store Blotter 8 Box 1261.1082 Volume 9

Store Blotter 9 Box 1261.1082 Volume 10

Store Blotter 10 Box 1261.1082 Volume 11

Store Blotter 11 Box 1261.1082 Volume 12

Store Blotter 12 Box 1261.1082 Volume 13

Store Blotters for Commissary Box 1261.1084

Store Blotters for Commissary Box 1261.1087

Stock Daybook Categorized inventory - sundries, hardware, jewelry, dry goods, clothing, etc.; outstanding accounts Box 1261.007

Dry Goods Daybook Volume 1261.332

Daily Commissary Records Box 1261.1065

Daily Commissary Records Box 1261.1043

Store Daily Reports Box 1261.914

Commissary General Records

Order Books Box 1261.1066

Order Books Box 1261.652

Scope and Contents note

These are books that recorded orders placed with other companies for expensive specialty items, mostly clothing and drapery. The books have titles such as "Goods Wanted Upstairs."

Order Book Box 1261.823

Orders Box 1261.986

Order Books Box 1261.910

Orders Box 1261.854

Commissary Records Box 1261.1033

Commissary Records Box 1261.975

Commissary Records, S.J. Morgan Box 1261.986

Commissary Records Volume 1261.095

Commissary Records, R.E. Hall Box 1261.1086 Folder 1

Commissary Records Volume 1261.418

Commissary Records Box 1261.986

Commissary Records Volume 1261.337

Commissary Records Volume 1261.359

Commissary Records Box 1261.1067

Commissary Records Box 1261.695

Commissary Records Box 1261.978

Commissary Records Box 1261.672

Commissary Records Box 1261.701

Commissary Records Box 1261.694

Commissary Records Volume 1261.355

Commissary Records Box 1261.986

Commissary Records Box 1261.021

Commissary Daily Reports Box 1261.0918

Daily Commissary Record Books Box 1261.1033

Weekly Store Reports Box 1261.724

Daily Cash Reports Box 1261.841

Commissary Invoices Box 1261.985

Purchasing Slips Box 1261.1053

Supplies Issued from Store Manufacturing Records, 1918-1919 Box 1261.1005

Merchandise orders Box 1261.654

Grocery, Grain, and Hardware Invoices Box 1261.1020

Monthly Statements and Receipts for Merchandise, Box 1261.910

Orders on Store, Receipts and Expenses Volume 1261.199

"Carbons" Commissary Reports and Orders Volume 1261.271

Purchase Orders Box 1261.707

Indexes to Store Ledgers, Outgoing Correspondence Volume 1261.410

Merchant Coupon Books Box 1261.710

Hand Made Booklets for Commissary Sales Box 1261.073

Commissary Volume 1261.441

Commissary Records Box 1261.652

Commissary Invoices Box 1261.824

Commissary Inventories

Inventories Box 1261.1046

Inventories Box 1261.1066

Commissary Merchandise Inventory Box 1261.1086 Folder 2

Inventory Book, Dry Goods Notions Box 1261.1086 Folder 5

Inventory Box 1261.510

Inventories Box 1261.743

Inventories Box 1261.498

Inventories Volume 1261.340

Store Inventory Volume 1261.009

Commissary Sales

Merchandise Sales Box 1261.910

Daily Sales (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) Volume 1261.214

Daily Sales Volume 1261.224

Daily Sales (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) Volume 1261.226

Daily Sales Volume 1261.223

Daily Sales Volume 1261.227

Daily Sales (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) Volume 1261.210

Daily Sales Volume 1261.221

Daily Sales (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Volume 1261.211

Daily Sales (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Volume 1261.219

Daily Sales Volume 1261.220

Daily Sales Volume 1261.216

Daily Sales (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Volume 1261.209

Daily Sales Volume 1261.217

Daily Sales Volume 1261.218

Daily Sales (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) Volume 1261.212

Daily Sales Volume 1261.215

Daily Sales (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) Volume 1261.213

Daily Sales (7 ledgers) Volume 1261.443

Daily Sales Volume 1261.444

Daily Sales Volume 1261.445

Daily Sales Volume 1261.447

Cash and Credit Sales Box 1261.919

Daily Cash Sales Box 1261.920

Cash and Credit Sales Box 1261.923

Commissary Credit Sales Box 1261.706

Daily Store Receipts Box 1261.1039

Daily Store Receipts Box 1261.1049

Sales Book Box 1261.1067

Store Receipts (copies) Volume 1261.270

Daily Store Receipts Box 1261.1059

Daily Store Receipts Box 1261.1058

Daily Cash and Checks Sales Box 1261.985

Inventory, Commissary Daily Sales Volume 1261.446

Credit Slips Box 1261.709

Grist mill

Grist Mill Inventory Box 1261.1005

Grist Mill Order Books Box 1261.1005

Grist Mill Daybooks Box 1261.1055


Grocery Slips Box 1261.708

Grocery Credit Slips Box 1261.711

Grocery Credit Books Box 1261.779

Grocery Volume 1261.336


Hotel Inventory Box 1261.1066

Ad for Female Working Manager of Shelby Hotel with Correspondence Box 1261.985


Housing Records Volume 1261.195

Housing Records Volume 1261.197

Housing Records Volume 1261.194

Housing Records Volume 1261.196


Shelby Public School Records Box 1261.843

Report Cards Box 1261.743

Shelby School Report Cards, Ezekiel, B. Bates Box 1261.832

Post Office Box 1261.821

Railroad Tickets Box 1261.098

American Carriage Company Catalog Box 1261.0918


Series Description

Contains records of the Shelby Manufacturing and Improvement Company, a company owned by Shelby Iron Company.

Components in Detail

Shelby Manufacturing and Improvement Company Box 1261.651

Shelby Manufacturing and Improvement Company Box 1261.1017


Series Description

Contains a variety of materials that were not part of Shelby Iron Company or lacked enough information to identify them as Shelby Iron Company materials.

Components in Detail

Miscellaneous loose ledger sheets Box 1261.426

Miscellaneous Box 1261.1017

Large pamphlet for summer excursion rates, Southern Railroad Association Box 1261.995

Various pamphlets and train tickets Box 1261.098

Business Cards Box 1261.1067

Southern Express Company Employee Manual Box 1261.1078