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Guide to the Hubert Hill Harper Political Cartoon Collection MSS.2750


University Libraries Division of Special Collections, The University of Alabama

Box 870266
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35487-0266

July 2010


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January 2013
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Hubert Hill Harper Political Cartoon Collection

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University Libraries Division of Special Collections, The University of Alabama


12.0 Linear feet (181 drawings)




This collection contains political cartoons that appeared weekly in the early 1950s. The subjects of the cartoons are the Birmingham and Alabama school systems, the Geneva Convention, the Cold War, presidential candidates, and various other political figures and events.


Political cartoon originals drawn for the Birmingham Age-Herald.


Hubert, Hubert Hill, 1887-1957

Biographical/Historical note

Hubert Hill Harper (born June 6, 1887, in Pleasantview, Tennessee; died November 2, 1957) was a political cartoonist for the Birmingham Age-Herald and The Birmingham News from 1919 until his death from cancer at age 70.

Harper, born on 6 June 1887 in Pleasantview, Tennessee, was the son of William and Lila Harper. He started publishing cartoons for The Black Patch Tobacco Journal in Springfield, Tennessee, in 1907. He joined the staff of the Daily Oklahoman in 1910, but only remained for a few months. He then worked as a traveling salesmen and settled in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1916. He joined the staff of the Birmingham Age-Herald in 1919, working there until 1927. He took a five year break from cartooning before rejoining the paper in 1932. In 1948 he helped colleague Charles Brooks land an interview to become the staff cartoonist for The Birmingham Age-Herald. Harper joined him on the Age-Herald staff in 1950.

Harper's first wife, Anna, was a passenger in a seaplane piloted by Albert Whitted which crashed at Santa Rosa, Florida, on 19 August 1923, killing all five aboard; she was 25 years old.

Harper was diagnosed with cancer in the late summer of 1957 and died on 2 November 1957. He was survived by his second wife, Nelle, and by two sons, Hubert, Jr. and Dickey.

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Hubert Hill Harper Political Cartoon Collection, W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library, University Libraries Division of Special Collections, The University of Alabama

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Scope and Contents note

The collection contains 180 political cartoons drawn in the 1950s by cartoonist Hubert Hill Harper, for the Birmingham Age-Herald.

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Ms. Diane Layton, 2013(?)


Layton, Diane (local)

Political Cartoons (lcsh)

Southern Life and Culture (localbroad)

Weekday Cartoons from the Birmingham Age-Herald, Birimingham, Alabama 138 cartoons, original

Components in Detail

"Quick Change of Face" Box 2750.001

"Disqualified Delegate" Box 2750.001

"There's No Time Left for Stammering" Box 2750.001

"The Challenge" Box 2750.001

"He can't Banish the Thought" Box 2750.001

"To Maintain a Balance, Keep Going" Box 2750.001

"The 'Clerks' Seem to be Trying to Sell Each Other Something" Box 2750.001

"Invitation to a Leap in the Dark" Box 2750.001

"The More Unraveling the Better" Box 2750.001

"A Package from Joe" Box 2750.001

"Making Ends Meet" Box 2750.001

"On the Horizon off Point Clear" Box 2750.001

"Will the Big Chute Never Open?" Box 2750.001

"Hadn't they Better Wait 'til They Hear Something from the Groom?" Box 2750.001

"Dead End" Box 2750.001

"We He Have to Figure This Out Too?" Box 2750.001

"It Needs More than Rain" Box 2750.001

"Something to be Proud of and Improved Upon" Box 2750.001

"Now Don't Anybody Get Out on a Limb" Box 2750.001

"Censored Echoes from the Great Deliberative Body" Box 2750.001

"Pity Not to Get a Shot at Him" Box 2750.001

"The Great Eisenhower Crater" Box 2750.001

"Woodman, Spare that Tree!" Box 2750.001

"Bette[r] Rush the Job - Nature Won't Wait" Box 2750.001

"We're Way Ahead of Him Already" Box 2750.001

"The Patient Pearl Hunter" Box 2750.002

"On Thin Ice, Keep Going" Box 2750.002

"Good Plank for the Main Brace" Box 2750.002

"Backing you up, General" Box 2750.002

"Not in the Inner Circle" Box 2750.002

"Clear the Track" Box 2750.002

"The Challenge" Box 2750.002

"Training (Preparing) for the May 4th Vote Race" Box 2750.002

"Hopeful Sounds Box 2750.002

"Fill 'Er Up Box 2750.002

"Land Ho! Box 2750.002

"Just a Little Innocent Two-Timing Box 2750.002

"And It's Getting About Time for It" Box 2750.002

"Never Forget the Horse" Box 2750.002

"Care to go Out With Me" Box 2750.002

"Guess What!" Box 2750.002

"Better See What Confucius Say" Box 2750.002

"Everything Goes On" Box 2750.002

"Waiting for the Big Four Guides" Box 2750.002

"He Displeases So Many With So Little Effort" Box 2750.002

"The Mirage Fades" Box 2750.002

"Not Getting His Seed Back" Box 2750.002

"Do They Sense Some Impending Awkward Situation?" Box 2750.002

"Stepping up the Pulling Power" Box 2750.002

"Soon to Meet the Full Force" Box 2750.002

"The Class in Civics in Dismissed" Box 2750.003

"The Course Chosen by a Good Pilot" Box 2750.003

"What Really Serves School Improvement?" Box 2750.003

"It Looks Like a Short Voyage" Box 2750.003

"Root, Hog, or Die!" Box 2750.003

"To Meet the Rising Sun Upon the Hill" Box 2750.003

"May the Thought Prevail" Box 2750.003

"All Stalk and Tassel" Box 2750.003

"No One Will Ever Get a Pot Shot at Him" Box 2750.003

"Beware the Old Badger Game!" Box 2750.003

"To Complete the Picture" Box 2750.003

"But It's a Land of Miracles and Magic" Box 2750.003

"Aid for Undeveloped Countries" Box 2750.003

"But You Never Saw Him Play the Game" Box 2750.003

"Brer' Bear and Brer' Fox" Box 2750.003

"Boy, Page Robert Ripley!" Box 2750.003

"We Can't Go Around It" Box 2750.003

"Fading Away" Box 2750.003

"A Little Cooperage Should Come First" Box 2750.003

"'Just Keep on Now'" Box 2750.003

"Too Long Out of Deep Freeze" Box 2750.003

"Making it Clear for the Busy Voter" Box 2750.003

"Demanding Body, Bone and Sinew" Box 2750.003

"They Must Find a Key" Box 2750.003

"The Delegate at Large and His Interpreter" Box 2750.003

"At Least, We Can Look in His Mouth" Box 2750.004

"The Best Place to Pick Him Up" Box 2750.004

"You Can Easily Become a World Leader" Box 2750.004

"We Assume He'll Follow the Russian Line" Box 2750.004

"Nothing Hiding in that Tree" Box 2750.004

"Haste Will Not Make Waste Here" Box 2750.004

"The Slowly Opening Door in China" Box 2750.004

"Ground Swells" Box 2750.004

"After Peron?" Box 2750.004

"Example for a Time of Trouble" Box 2750.004

"Not a Comforting Conjecture" Box 2750.004

"Practice May Improve His Marksmanship" Box 2750.004

"Will He Pass Them, or Pass Them Up?" Box 2750.004

"Which Will Open the Door First? Box 2750.004

"The Agenda for the Month of August" Box 2750.004

"He's Had a Recent 'Boning Up'" Box 2750.004

"Mendes France's New Plan Egg" Box 2750.004

"Not Hungry Enough to Eat the Rind" Box 2750.004

"It Wasn't Designed for a Pleasure Boat" Box 2750.004

"This May Become a Bit Controversial" Box 2750.004

"King's Ex." Box 2750.004

"Is There No Way Around It?" Box 2750.004

"There Doesn't Seem to be a Quorum Present. Where is Everybody" Box 2750.004

"The Old Team" Box 2750.004

"U-N-I-T-Y Spells Headache" Box 2750.004

"We'd Like to See What It'll Do in the Acid" Box 2750.005

"Seems to be the Last Obstacle" Box 2750.005

"We'd Better Tie It While We Still Have Rope" Box 2750.005

"Keep Your Eye Peeled on that Thing, Sherlock." Box 2750.005

"Effects, Not Intent, Is the Main Concern" Box 2750.005

"He Ought to Know That Canal is Not Navigable" Box 2750.005

"That Is a Question to be Considered" Box 2750.005

"La Prensa's Fate is Argentina's Fate" Box 2750.005

"Reviving the Whaling Industry" Box 2750.005

"His Front in America" Box 2750.005

"Just a Minute, Podner!" Box 2750.005

"Withdrawing or Just Drawing Back" Box 2750.005

"The Skipper's Not Going Out in that Fog" Box 2750.005

"Any High Level Road Requires Judgment" Box 2750.005

"Aw Be Yourself!" Box 2750.005

"And He was Always So Quiet - Until Just Now." Box 2750.005

"No One Staying for the Details" Box 2750.005

"At Least They Have the Animal in Captivity" Box 2750.005

"Swollen All Out of Proportion" Box 2750.005

"How Happy It Makes Him" Box 2750.005

"Time Out to be Thankful" Box 2750.005

"The Heart Must be Strong" Box 2750.005

"Again? - No Enclosure?!" Box 2750.005

"Prospecting" Box 2750.005

"Little Margin for Boat Rocking" Box 2750.005

I.G.Y. Scientists Plan to Control the Weather Box 2750.006

Older man squatting and reaching down Box 2750.006

Smiling moon with mouse Box 2750.006

Bird perced on question mark Box 2750.006

"For Which We Are Thankful" Box 2750.006

"The Voice from the Rear" Box 2750.006

"Just As He Reached the Bottom of the Sock" Box 2750.006

"There Can Be a Lot of Weather in Six Months" Box 2750.006

"It Has Possibilities" Box 2750.006

"Two Ways to Cast Bread upon the Waters" Box 2750.006

"This May Be All He'll Catch" Box 2750.006

"Lottery of Doom" Box 2750.006

"Time to Get Rid of the Horseshoes"

Sunday Cartoons ("Harper's Weekly") from the Birmingham Age-Herald 43 cartoons

Components in Detail

Unknown date 1 cartoon Box 2750.007

Volume 1

January 20-26, [1950] Box 2750.007

January 26-February 2, [1950] Box 2750.007

February 16-23, [1950] Box 2750.007

February 23-March 2, [1950] Box 2750.007

April 6-13, [1950] Box 2750.007

May 11-18, [1950] Box 2750.007

May 26-June 1, [1950] Box 2750.007

June 9-15, [1950] Box 2750.007

July 1-7, [1950] Box 2750.007

July 29-August 4, [1950] Box 2750.007

Novemeber 10-17, [1950] Box 2750.007

December 30, 1950-January 5, 1951 Box 2750.007

Volume 2

Number 8, July 14-20, [1951] Box 2750.007

Number 12, August 18-24, [1951] Box 2750.007

Number 13, August 25-31, [1951] Box 2750.007

Number 15, September 8-14, [1951] Box 2750.007

Number 17, September 22-28, [1951] Box 2750.007

Number 21, October 27-November 2, [1951] Box 2750.007

Number 24, November 23-29, [1951] Box 2750.007

Number 29, December 29, 1951-January 4, 1952 Box 2750.007

Number 32, January 18-25, [1952] Box 2750.007

Number 33, January 26-February 1, [1952] Box 2750.007

Volume 3

Number 1, June 28-July 4, [1952] Box 2750.007

Number 7, August 2-8, [1952] Box 2750.007

Number 20, November 1-7, [1952] Box 2750.007

Number 24, November 29-December 5, [1952] Box 2750.007

Number 28, December 27, 1952-January 2, 1953 Box 2750.007

Number 36, February 20-27, [1953] Box 2750.007

Number 40, March 21-27, [1953] Box 2750.007

Number 46 1/2 [1953] Box 2750.007

Number 52, June 13-19, [1953] Box 2750.007

Volume 4

Number 4, July 11-17, [1953] Box 2750.007

Number 21, December 12-18, [1953] Box 2750.007

Number 27, January 23-29, [1954] Box 2750.007

Number 32, February 27-March 5, [1954] Box 2750.007

Number 34, March 13-19, [1954] Box 2750.007

Volume 5

Number 18, January 22-28, [1955] Box 2750.007

Number 21, February 12-18, [1955] Box 2750.007

Number 26, March 19-25, [1955] Box 2750.007

Volume 6

Number 11, January 14-20, [1956] Box 2750.007

Number 21, April 7-13, [1956] Box 2750.007

Number 25, May 12-18, [1956] Box 2750.007

Number 32, June 23-29, [1956] Box 2750.007