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Emphasis, 1967-1971: Symposium on Contemporary Issues

Emphasis (1968 : The University of Alabama), John Kenneth Galbraith discusses impact of Viet Nam on American life

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Directions: American society at the crossroads
In his speech, Galbraith discusses American foreign policy, specifically with regards to Vietnam. He outlines the changes in foreign policy since WWII , claiming that the current administration is stuck in the mindset of a foreign policy that worked for the previous generation but no longer works, because of how the world has changed. He cautions that simply continuing to do what they’ve done without reevaluating their policies and tactics is the cause of their failure in Vietnam. He feels they need to bring to country up to speed with reality, and that might mean making changes in the men who are leading the country, not just in the foreign policy itself. In the Q&A, Galbraith addresses questions on the following topics: 1) the usefulness of economics, 2) the role of the UN in the Vietnam war, 3) the usefulness of aid to developing countries, 4) Gen. Westmoreland’s removal, 5) students and anti-war programs, 6) securing south Vietnam, 7) possible communist world domination, 8) what the soldiers are fighting for, 9) U.S. insistence on democracy in other countries, 10) Bobby Kennedy as “revolving-door liberal”, 11) his support of Eugene McCarthy, 12) American investment abroad and its effects.
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1968 March 22 1968-03-22
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Emphasis, 1967-1971: Symposium on Contemporary Issues

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